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Application packaging and testing has been one of the biggest obstacles in many larger IT Transformation and Evergreen IT Management projects because traditionally, the process of getting an application ready for deployment or testing it against a new version of an OS is extremely tedious, resource-intensive, expensive, and lengthy.

By automating this process and making it an integral part of an already repeatable, scalable, and industrialized process with Dashworks, organizations can eliminate this challenge entirely. What before took hours or even days and required different resources, can now be accomplished within minutes using self-service and automation.

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In this on-demand webinar recorded on December 2nd, 2020, Juriba CEO Barry Angell and Executive Pre-Sales Consultant David Higginbotham will walk you through:

  • How the AppAvail product portfolio fits into the Juriba Dashworks toolkit,
  • What benefits Juriba and AppAvail customers can expect moving forward, and
  • How it all works together (15-20 minute demo).

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