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Fully Customizable Windows 10 Servicing  Project Plan Template

Windows 10, with its much faster cadence of updates and therefore shorter support windows, forces enterprises to throw their tried-and-true big-bang IT management overboard and adopt a new Business-as Usual/Evergreen IT management approach that allows them to roll out incremental upgrades every six to twelve months.


In the past years, we have helped dozens of large enterprises effectively roll out Windows 10 updates using Dashworks, our Evergreen IT Management platform, and we found that one of the biggest stumbling blocks for organizations has been the lack of a solid, yet customizable template to enable them to plan strategically — the key to successful Windows upgrade management! 


Available formats:

Microsoft Project (.mpp) or PDF (.pdf)

A Word From the Author

"Without careful planning, smart workflows across the entire process, a central command and control center, as well as automated application packaging and smoke testing, it is impossible to keep up with the velocity of change. This customizable project plan is based on years of real-world experience and has already helped hundreds of IT managers like yourself." — Barry Angell

Introducing Juriba's New Project Plan For Managing Windows-as-a-Service 

Based on the overwhelming success of our Windows 10 Project Plan, which has been downloaded more than 5,000 times, we have created a fully-customizable Windows 10 Servicing Project Plan Template that

  • done

    Is available in MS Project and PDF format,

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    Contains an in-depth worksheet of over 800 action items and tasks to be completed in the various stages of your WaaS upgrade process, and 

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    Is completely flexible. Simply adapt the template to suit the needs of your project.

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