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Project Plan Template For Your Enterprise Windows 10 Migration 

Don't let inadequate planning cause your migration to fail. Download our fully customizable and real-world-proven project plan template including over 800 action items and get planning today.

Accelerate Your Windows 10 Migration Right From The Start

[To manage your continuous Windows 10 upgrades, download our Windows 10 Servicing Project Plan.]

You know, time is of the essence for enterprise Windows 10 migration! However, years of experience showed that one of the biggest stumbling blocks to getting started with the deployment of Windows 10 has been the lack of a solid template. The question is, how do you plan such a colossal project? To help you avoid this obstacle, Juriba have put together a free Windows 10 Project Plan to get your project started right away.

Presented in both MS Project format and .PDF format, Juriba’s 'Definitive Windows 10 Project Plan’ contains an in-depth worksheet of pointers and tasks to be completed in the various stages of your Windows 10 migration project. But the best bit? The Windows 10 Project Plan is completely flexible – simply adapt the template to suit the needs of your project.

The Windows 10 Project Plan Template has been divided into eight stages:

  1. Planning & Mobilization
  2. Discovery & Inventory
  3. Assessment
  4. Solution Design
  5. Solution Build
  6. Migration Readiness Management
  7. Scheduling & Deployment
  8. Operate & Project Closedown

Download the Windows 10 Project Plan by filling out the form on the right.

Juriba Windows 10 Branching Work Breakdown Structure