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Windows 11 Project Plan Template

If you're upgrading your enterprise to Windows 11, it can be tricky to plan the project across all of the stages from planning and mobilization, discovery, assessment and rationalization to solution build, deployment and operation.

That's why we put together this free, fully customizable project plan template that will allow you to plan your migration more effectively, accelerating project timelines and reducing risk.

- Microsoft Project or PDF format
- Phased plan with 733 action items and milestones
- Proven industry best practices
- Determine the most efficient migration paths
- Optimized for Juriba Platform, but can be used standalone
- Trusted by thousands of IT Managers
- Saves days of tedious planning work

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How it works

After your fill out the form to request the project plan template, we will send you an email with the download link.

Download The Template

Download the template in Microsoft Project format to instantly edit and customize your project plan or simply download it as a PDF to gain a better overview of the processes and tasks involved.

Customize & Implement Your Plan

Simply adjust your project dates, delete or add any process steps and milestones you need to accurately reflect your situation, and start implementing it!

Why You Need This Template

This template is based on more than a decade of helping large organizations manage their IT Transformation projects efficiently. Since we published the first project plan template, thousands of IT managers have used it and found it incredibly helpful for navigating the chaos and confusion often caused by these types of projects. By downloading this template, you gain an invaluable resource that will allow you to:

Avoid Costly Mistakes

Large IT Transformation projects inherently carry a huge risk of business disruption. These can be avoided with a well-planned-out and proven process.

Significantly Accelerate

Our project plan template is not only based on the process Microsoft recommends but is also optimized for maximum velocity through automation.

Free Up Resources

Instead of tying up a ridiculous amount of manpower, your resources are freed up to work on higher-value tasks, e.g., drive Digital Transformation projects.

Ready to get started?

Fill out the form to download this invaluable project plan template and get started today.

Oh, and be warned: Your boss and co-workers will think you are a genius! :)

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