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The Definitive Office 365 Migration Project Plan Template

Don't get caught up in email migration nightmares! Download our fully customizable Enterprise Office 365 Migration Project Plan to outline your entire migration project from beginning to end.

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Office 365 migrations can be incredibly complicated — just think about mailbox interdependencies and the snowball effect these have on migration — as well as time sensitive because your users depend on reliable access to their email every day to be productive! 

However, years of experience have shown us that most email migration projects stall due to insufficient project planning. To help you avoid this obstacle, we put together this fully-customizable Office 365 Project Plan Template (in MS Project and PDF format). It contains an in-depth worksheet of pointers and tasks to be completed in the en-US-Office-Mod-E-Business-Is-Better-Office16-356-desktopeight stages of your migration project:

  1. Planning & Mobilization
  2. Discovery & Inventory
  3. Assessment
  4. Solution Design
  5. Solution Build
  6. Migration Readiness Management
  7. Scheduling & Deployment
  8. Operate & Project Closedown

Juriba has enabled hundreds of organizations to migrate more than 7 million assets successfully using Dashworks, its data warehousing, and central command & control center solution for modern IT transformation. 

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