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The Ultimate Guide To Evergreen IT Management

Our "Ultimate Guide to Evergreen IT Management" combines years of real-world experience helping enterprise-size organizations manage their Evergreen IT. But it is a long read (about 45 minutes). If you prefer to download and print it, then this reader- and printer-friendly offline version of the guide is for you. 




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A Word From the Author

“There isn't a large organization out there that hasn't realized the necessity of constantly updating and upgrading their IT assets, but only a few have truly understood what successful Evergreen IT Management entails. This guide is about to change that.” — Barry Angell, CEO of Juriba

What's Inside?

Download this 38-page resource to answer all your questions:

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    What is Evergreen IT Management and how does it differ from traditional IT Transformation Management?

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    How do I know it is right for me and why do I need to care?

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    What strategic plans should I consider when embracing Evergreen IT?

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    Which industry-best practices are there to help me implement this?

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    How do I get started?

Ready to get serious about Evergreen IT?

If you are struggling to keep up with managing the ever-increasing wave of IT change

(e.g., Windows 10 Servicing, Microsoft 365 Apps for Business, hardware lifecycles, and more),

download this ultimate guide and get serious about managing your Evergreen IT.

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