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Get control of lost, missing or stolen devices, without manual effort.

Many enterprises want to achieve sustainability goals by reducing energy consumption and carbon footprint. If devices go missing, they must be replaced to avoid causing excess wastage. Juriba can enable enterprises by leveraging automation when managing device upgrades, recycling and monitoring device statuses while decreasing environmental impact.

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Ghosted Devices

Don’t let inactive devices burn budgets.

Eliminate wasted spending on devices.

Protect against security vulnerabilities.

Significantly reduce the risk of exposure by keeping software, applications and patches up to date.

Real-time dashboards and reporting.

Access real-time device status updates, and track in-progress updates and upcoming tasks.

Stay on track to achieve sustainability goals.
Leverage automated processing of device upgrades and returning equipment.



Calculate the cost of inactive devices in your organization

Inactive devices are the elephant in the room conversation. But if you could see the financial impact, would you keep ignoring it?

Self-evaluate the impact of inactive devices

Some organizations discover that 30% of their device inventory is inactive or ghosted, meaning they are lost, stolen, abandoned, or unusable. These devices not only incur monthly expenses such as leasing and software costs, but also create security risks and hinder productivity.


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