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Any enterprise-size IT transformation project is incredibly complex and difficult to manage. But an Office 365 migration project comes with its own set of additional issues, such as scheduling spiderwebs, mailbox dependencies and delegates, storage and file structures. 

Office365MigrationStrategyPlaybook.pngBased on our experience of successfully readying over seven million assets for migration, we put together this Office 365 Migration Strategy Playbook.  In this extensive eBook, you will:

  • Receive a detailed, step-by-step walk-through of a well-managed Office 365 migration
  • Learn which pitfalls to avoid at all costs
  • Discover where you can find the biggest opportunity for project accelerationwhich tools could speed up your migration significantly and how to use them

This guide is intended for IT migration project/program managers who are looking for ways to accelerate their projects significantly. Download this valuable eBook today — simply fill out the form on the right and provide a valid work email address. 

(BTW: This eBook is a natural extension of our fully customizable Office 365 project plan template.)


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