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Make more informed digital workplace decisions with 360-degree insights

Build flexible dashboards to track and measure the performance of your transformation projects, create reports to highlight exceptions or blockers in your transformation projects, and use those reports to trigger automation to remediate or highlight problems.


Unified view across tools

Get a unified, holistic view of your digital infrastructure and dependent applications by coordinating Hybrid Digital Infrastructure Management (HDIM) tools.

The insights you need

Improve decision-making, problem-solving, and strategic planning based on a comprehensive understanding of your data.

Effortless reporting

Configurable, shareable dashboards and reporting that give you the information you need, from high-level overviews to detailed progress reports and specific insights.

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Why digital workplace leaders are choosing Juriba

Complete visibility of IT environment

Centralize cross-silo data to gain a single source of truth for your digital infrastructure, dependent applications, interdependencies, resources, and lifecycle programs, regardless of the environments used.

Smart automation and orchestration

Orchestrate Hybrid Digital Infrastructure Management (HDIM) tools with the workflows, automation, communications, and self-service capability needed to save time, minimize errors, and improve service delivery and employee experience.

Powerful data insights and analytics

Utilize easy-to-use dashboards and reports that unlock insights into your IT environment to help make smarter decisions that maximize the business value from infrastructure investments.

Want to make more informed digital workplace decisions?

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