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Juriba-Dashworks-Evergreen-IT-Buyer-s-Guide-2021-Created-with-VisMeOver the past decade, enterprise end-user IT environments have become increasingly fragmented and complex — making them incredibly difficult, labor-intensive, and costly to maintain and update. This stands in sharp contrast with the need of today's organizations for agility, scalability, and flexibility in order to instantly respond to constantly changing end-user demands or emerging business needs.

By utilizing Evergreen IT Management, enterprises can create perpetual, repeatable, scalable process frameworks to continually update and eventually migrate end-user software, hardware, and associated services. Download this 24-page detailed Buyer's Guide (released Feb. 2021) to learn more about:

  • Which common use cases enterprises leveraging Evergreen IT Management for the most,
  • What the pillars of successful Evergreen IT Management are, 
  • How an Evergreen IT Management tool can help (incl. short overview of Dashworks' benefits & features)
  • What requirements you should consider for your Evergreen IT Management tooling,
  • Licensing details as well as a break-down of costs of managing a Windows 10 migration with or without Juriba (spoiler alert: 29% savings!),
  • How Dashworks can help you going forward

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