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How To Automate Your App Testing In 5 Steps

Every IT manager worth their salt knows that ongoing application testing is mission-critical to keep pace with the increasing velocity and speed of IT change and maintain the constantly growing complexity of today's IT environments. But what exact steps are required to be able to automate their application testing?


Download this detailed technical infographic to get access to our proven five-step methodology needed to successfully automate your application testing to deliver a more secure, compliant, and high-performing modern workspace.


In addition, you will learn how Juriba's automated application testing solution, AppM, can help increase your resource capability and lower IT costs by 40% within 30 days of automating your application assessment, testing, and deployment process.


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What To Expect

Download this valuable technical infographic to learn about our proven five-step methodology
to successfully automate enterprise application testing processes.

Analyze Your Application Estate

Get Ready To Test Your Applications

Capture Any Functional Test

Start Auto-Testing Your Applications

Engage With Application Owners

Benefits Of Automated Application Testing

By Automating Continuous Application Testing, You Will Be Able To:

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    Reduce business disruption associated with constantly testing applications against a new platform

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    Increase velocity for all end-user migration and upgrade programs

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    Bring down application management costs

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    Drive productivity and a great user experience

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    Deliver a more compliant, secure, and high-performing modern workplace

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