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Try AppM to ensure your business-critical applications will continue to work on Windows 11.

Prepare your move to Windows 11 on new hardware and through the cloud with Windows 365 or Azure Virtual Desktop today with compatible applications. Start your 30-day free trial to automate how you:

  • Catalog your application estate ready for migration to Windows 11 and ongoing as-a-service management.
  • Test application compatibility and functionality against the new Windows 11 operating system and security updates.
  • Efficiently manage user acceptance testing.
  • Create or update packages to modern formats (MSI, APP-V, MSIX, MSIX app attach, .intunewin, and more).
  • Gain insights at a glance with automated reports and dashboards.

With your free AppM trial, you get:

  • Pre-loaded applications or upload your own for testing in a vanilla Windows 11 environment.
  • Online training and onboarding videos. 
  • A dedicated technical SME to guide and support your experience.

AppM is owned by Juriba and is part of its Workspace Automation platform. Get started with our fully functional application testing and packaging automation platform today.

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