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5-ways to automate your application testing & packaging


Enterprise IT teams are under enormous pressure to do more with less. They have too much change for internal IT to control the application estate effectively, updates take too long to test and deploy, resources are stretched, and even simple maintenance is disruptive to end-users. Something has got to change!


To address this problem, we explain five ways to automate your application testing and packaging processes in a 14-page guide to help you accelerate application management and delivery and build a solid business case to get your executive management on board!

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A Word From the Author

“The volume and velocity of change IT organizations need to manage today on a consistent basis are enormous. This is simply not possible without automation. I hope this whitepaper provides you with a solid starting point to get the ball rolling internally." - Barry Angell

What To Expect

Download this valuable guide to learn more about how automated testing and packaging
can help modernize your application estate. Explore five ways IT teams are automating
how they assess, test, package, deploy, and empower end users.

Automate Your IT Estate Audit & Assessment

Automate Your Application Testing (e.g., Smoke Testing)

Automate Your Application Packaging

Automate Self-Service Testing & Packaging

Automate Deployment & Scalability

What You Will Learn

By Automating Continuous Application Change, You Will Be Able To:

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    Package and test your applications in less than 1% of the time it takes to package them manually (53 minutes instead of 91 hours).

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    Reduce application change management costs by 40% within 30 days using these five steps to change the way you assess, test, package, and deploy applications as well as empower your end users.

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    Save an average of 20 hours per application with automated packaging, and up to 1-5 hours per application with automated testing.

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