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5-steps to automate your app packaging 

Application packaging is a major obstacle for enterprises and large organizations as it slows down any major IT Transformation project as well as everyday as-a-service management. This is now more true than ever as organizations everywhere are adopting MSIX, App-Volumes, and many other modern application package formats. 


Download this detailed technical infographic to:

  • See the five-step method our customers are using to successfully package of applications on an ongoing basis using automation. 
  • Understand how automation and modern application management can enable you to keep pace with today's fast-paced IT landscape to deliver a more secure, compliant, and high-performing modern workspace.
  • Get all the technical information needed to build a solid business case for automated application packaging.

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What to expect

Download this technical infographic to learn the proven five-step methodology
to successfully automate enterprise application packaging processes.

Analyze Your Application Estate

Get Ready For Corporate Standards

Create Or Update
The Package

Test & Deploy The Applications

Engage With Application Owners

Benefits of automated application packaging

By automating continuous application packaging, you will be able to:

  • done

    Save up to 20 hours per application by automating the entire application packaging process.

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    Reduce application packaging overhead and outsourcing requirements.

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    Empower your App Owners to self-service their application packaging in a single automated process from request to deployment.

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    Minimize business disruption associated with newly created or updated application workloads.

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    Drive productivity, provide a great user experience, and become an innovator rather than just a cost center.

Update, convert and test new application formats
quickly and easily

Download our infographic "5-steps to automate your application packaging" today.

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