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Over 90% Time Savings Through Automation

Traditionally, application packaging and testing has always been a tedious, labor-intensive, and expensive undertaking. For example, on average, to test 1,000 applications, an organization would have to budget 60 days with three people (=1,500 hours at 90 minutes per app).

With Juriba Dashworks Application Manager, you can test the same amount of applications between 7-15 minutes per app 24/7 using automation without user input — providing a total time savings of 96.9%! The same is true for application packaging. In a recent customer example, the same process that took 91 hours could be completed in 53 minutes using Juriba Dashworks Application Manager.

Dashworks Application Manager - Smoke Testing Results (1)

Time savings are just one way the new Juriba Dashworks Application Manager can make your application packaging and Evergreen Smoke Testing easier, better, and more secure — whether you fully integrate it into your IT Transformation and Evergreen IT Management process controlled by the Juriba Dashworks platform or use it standalone.

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