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Windows10MigrationToolkitExtended support for Windows 7 is running out fast and IT Project Managers all over the world need to wrap up their Windows 10 migration projects, which can be daunting and overwhelming. But we have got you covered. We have helped hundreds of organizations just like yours to ready more than seven million assets for migration using our cutting edge IT project management tool, Dashworks, and we know what it takes to run such a project fast and efficiently.

Download Juriba's Ultimate Windows 10 Migration Toolkit to gain access to valuable expert advice, tools and industry best practices. It includes everything you need to prepare for your Windows 10 migration:

  • [PDF, MS Project File] Customizable Windows 10 Project Plan Template with over 700 action items incl. 
    • [PDF] Windows 10 Project Plan Overview Printable
    • [Blog] Instructions on how to use the project plan
    • [PDF] Work Breakdown Structure
  • [52-page How-To Guide] How To Accelerate Your Windows 10 Servicing With Automation 
  • [eBook] IT Project Manager's Guide To Windows 10 Enterprise Migrations eBook
  • [White Paper] How To Budget For Your Windows 10 Migration Project 
  • [eBook] How To Accelerate Your Windows 10 Migration
  • [Online Tool] Windows 10 Migration Budget Calculator

Download this valuable toolkit today — simply fill out the form on the right and provide a valid work email address.



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