Dashworks Release Notes 5.7.2

Dashworks Release Notes - Rhea

Executive Summary

This release includes a brand new Data Import API, providing a new way to import data into Dashworks. The release also includes a new Location component in Self Service that can be used to survey your end users, so that they can update their location details. The new List grouping feature allows you to apply tags to your Lists, and display your Lists grouped by those tags.


Data Import API

This release introduces a new API (ApiV2), which can be used to import data into Dashworks. This provides more flexibility when importing data, and is especially beneficial for cloud customers who cannot use the native MECM and Active Directory connectors in Dashworks.

ApiV2 is a REST API developed to the OpenAPI v3 specification, simplifying the development of code and scripts against the API.

With this release of Dashworks, we are introducing API endpoints for the following types of data import:

  • Devices

  • Users

  • Applications

  • Locations

  • Departments

API Keys

In addition to the introduction of ApiV2, we are also releasing a new API Keys feature. The API Keys section of Dashworks allows you to generate keys that can be used for authentication against the APIs, removing the need to supply a username and password when making programmatic calls to the API endpoints.

Self Service Locations

rhea self service locations

Self Service now enables you to specify a Location for your user, computer or mailbox. This provides a greater level of flexibility when building Self Service pages, as you can use divergent workflows, customized to lead specific users through different routes, depending on their responses. For example, you can customize Self Service to direct EU users through a series of EU-specific pages that would be hidden to users in a location outside the European Union.

List Grouping by Tag

rhea list grouping

Dashworks Lists are a powerful way of quickly collecting, identifying, and using information. In this release, we have added the ability to add custom tags to Lists, enabling you to identify and manage them more easily. You can group Lists by tags, giving you the ability to organize your Lists, and access the information you need more efficiently.

What's New

  • DAS-32786 Date and number custom fields can now be updated by bulk update or automation, relative to an existing value. For example, adding or subtracting a number of days to/from an existing date custom field value.
  • DAS-30552 A new landing page in the user profile enables you to review and download all of your recently exported lists.

Known Issues

  • DAS-33576 Clicking Back after selecting a Location in Self Service results in the previous screen not displaying your selected, saved Location.
  • DAS-33088 The Add/Update/Create button is not initially displayed if a value has been pasted into a custom field, rather than directly entered.
  • DAS-33598 In Admin, when switching between Rings and Buckets views, the bucket view is not displayed until the page is refreshed.
  • DAS-33652 On the List exports landing page, if you refresh the view after clicking the download link, the download will recommence.
  • DAS-33681 [Clean installation only] Ring Scoping> Statistics Preview: The 500 error is displayed after clicking on the "Preview Statistics" button
  • DAS-34181 User added via SSO is unable to login again if deleted from Senior unless IsDeleted flag is set from database.
  • DAS-34086 Evergreen Lists can't handle filter values that contain "OR-" or "-OR-" (the same bug happens if filter contains AND)
  • DAS-34053 Self Service Capacity Picker - Unavailable dates are displayed as available and error once selected


All end of support notices are available publicly here.

Dashworks 5.7.6

Dashworks 5.7.6 will be released in early Aug 2022

Dashworks has supported neither Internet Explorer (IE) nor Edge in Internet Explorer Mode since 5.6.1 (Apr 2021). While unsupported, the application has continued to be usable in IE. However, Dashworks 5.7.6 will introduce breaking changes that will result in Dashworks becoming unusable in Internet Explorer from this version onwards. IE 11 is no longer supported by Microsoft on most versions of Windows 10 from 15 Jun 2022.

End of support for Microsoft SQL Server 2016