Dashworks Release Notes 5.7.1

Dashworks Release Notes - Qilin

Executive Summary

This release of Dashworks includes ongoing improvements to Self Service, enabling you to configure multiple pages, duplicate sections, and conditionalize blocks and pages to be shown or hidden to your end users. This change makes it much easier to build surveys or forms that take users through a sensible workflow. This release also enables the use of Custom number fields to add numerical data to objects such as mailboxes, users, computers or applications. Custom number fields support a high level of precision of up to 15 decimal places, and can be used in calculations, sorting, Pivots and Dashboards.


Number Custom Fields

qilin number custom fields

You can now use number custom fields in Dashworks. Custom fields are useful for entering additional data to objects such as users, computers, mailboxes or applications. Number custom fields can be used in calculation, and can be sorted and processed as numerical data. For example, you could use custom numbers to record the estimated cost of replacing each device, then use the data in Dashboards to display that information graphically.

Self Service Pages

qilin self service pages

Self Service now enables multiple pages that can be duplicated in sections, hidden, or displayed for your end users. This makes it much simpler for you to design user-friendly workflows, limiting the availability of pages for certain users, and to create blocks or sections of pages with dependencies, such as surveys or forms. For example, if a page provides more information about a particular device, you can hide the pages that are not relevant. This enables you to target your self service pages to a particular demographic or group of users, if required.

What's New

  • DAS-28977 Saving a static list no longer unnecessarily refreshes the data in the list automatically.
  • DAS-31863 Next replacement device search now includes Asset tag and Serial Number search options.
  • DAS-32709 In Ring Scoping > Scoping parameters, the full path of a Department is displayed in the tooltip.
  • DAS-32708 In Dashboards, you can automatically add values with a custom color.
  • DAS-32525 In Dashboards, you can add multiple lines of text to a Section title.

What's Changed

  • DAS-30593 Sticky Compliance column and filter on lists has been renamed Compliance Override.
  • DAS-31800 Import failures are now passed back to the ETL and handled correctly.
  • DAS-32091 DAS-32255 DAS-31615 Project capacity units, buckets and rings that are not mapped, but match an Evergreen equivalent by name will be mapped during resyncing or onboarding.

What's Been Fixed

  • DAS-31615 When changing the schedule for automated onboarding, the selected Schedule was not saved.
  • DAS-32798 Under certain circumstances, when searching for a Next Replacement Device in Hardware Lifecyle, the Search By drop-down was unresponsive.
  • DAS-32846 When creating automations in Lifecycle, the Update button was not displayed under certain circumstances.

Known Issues

  • DAS-32952 No warning message is displayed when a private list is used for public dashboard widget.
  • DAS-33617 In Self Service, an ‘invalid’ page is displayed if the user clicks Back and the preceding page in Self Service was hidden.
  • DAS-34086 Evergreen Lists can't handle filter values that contain "OR-" or "-OR-" (the same bug happens if filter contains AND)
  • DAS-34053 Self Service Capacity Picker - Unavailable dates are displayed as available and error once selected


All end of support notices are available publicly here.

Dashworks 5.7.6

Dashworks 5.7.6 will be released in early Aug 2022

Dashworks has supported neither Internet Explorer (IE) nor Edge in Internet Explorer Mode since 5.6.1 (Apr 2021). While unsupported, the application has continued to be usable in IE. However, Dashworks 5.7.6 will introduce breaking changes that will result in Dashworks becoming unusable in Internet Explorer from this version onwards. IE 11 is no longer supported by Microsoft on most versions of Windows 10 from 15 Jun 2022.

End of support for Microsoft SQL Server 2016