Dashworks Release Notes 5.7

Dashworks Release Notes - Pandora

Executive Summary

In this release, a number of enhancements to Self Service make it much easier for you to configure the pages you need to present to your end users. For example, you can now add images, such as pictures of devices, and links to further information. You can also quickly duplicate and reorder pages in Self Service, giving you flexibility to structure the component pages in the order you need them. List exports are now delivered by email, giving the recipients easier access to the information they need, while reducing the impact on the performance of your server. This release also includes significant improvements to help you manage the hardware lifecycle, including the concept of Next Replacement devices, and bulk updates to lifecycle states. Additionally, you can now customize the colours of dashboard widgets, helping you to display your data more clearly, or in alignment with your organization’s requirements.

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Add links and images to a Self Service page text component

Pandora self service links

You can now add images and links to a text component in a Self Service page. Two new buttons in the rich text editor allow the use of valid hyperlinks and images when designing Self Service pages. Multiple image formats are supported, and images can be compressed if required. Links are validated, and you can edit the URL if necessary. This enhances the information that can be presented to the end user as part of self service. For example, in a hardware lifecycle project, you could display images of devices, links to specifications, or more detailed information. In addition, this release enables you to add, duplicate, and reorder multiple screens in Self Service. This gives you the ability to configure which sections are visible to groups of end users.

List Exports Available to Users by Email

pandora list exports by email

List exports are no longer downloaded immediately. Instead, the user receives an email with a link when their export is ready for download. This ensures the export process has less impact on other users on the server, and the user can access the link at any point without the need to wait.

Custom Colors in Dashboard Widgets

pandora custom colours in dashboards

Dashboards can now be customized to display widgets in custom colors. You can select custom colors for graphs including pie charts, bar charts, donuts and line graphs. This change means you can select suitable colors for display, configure widgets to match your organization's branding guidelines, or simply adjust the Dashboards for greater visibility of your data. You can save or update your custom-colors at any point.

Improved Support for Managing Bulk Update of Device Lifecycles

pandora device lifecycles

Maintaining the status of a device through its lifecycle and tracking the reason it needs to be replaced are important to any asset management process, whether part of a project or BAU. This can now be done in bulk as well as on individual devices, enabling processes that can be run automatically, and are repeatable at scale. Lifecycle Status also includes a new state, Next Replacement Device, indicating a device that is scheduled to be the next device intended to replace a Current Device.

These features further enhance the Hardware Lifecycle capabilities in Dashworks that allow you to manage the end-to-end lifecycle of your hardware estate.

What's New

  • DAS-29255 When designing your Self Service pages, if Allow user to change capacity unit is selected, you can now add the Capacity Unit Label to either a Date Task Component or a Select Task Component. You can also show translations where available.
  • DAS-31309 The {$Workflow} placeholder in Email Templates now supports language codes. For example, to show the Workflow in French, use {$Workflow|FR}.
  • DAS-30119, DAS-30316, DAS-30123, DAS-30146 In Device Lifecycle, new filters enable you to organise and view device history more easily. New filters include: Next Device, Previous Device, Previous Replacement Date, and Is used as a Replacement Device.
  • DAS-29639 Self Service Translations now display a Shown column to indicate that Show Translations has been enabled.
  • DAS-30054 Slot availability tooltips and information in the Self Service calendar is now translated into the selected language.
  • DAS-28949 Date formats in Self Service are now displayed for the end user, according to the selected language.
  • DAS-23149 You can permit specific users to be editors and/or administrators on read-only public lists.

What's Been Fixed

  • DAS-31582 An ordering issue in parent/child components in Self Service pages. Parent component was not moved to position 2 in certain cases.
  • DAS-31078 Service Pack or Build filter in a list resulted in a ‘Conversion failed’ error displayed for French language users.
  • DAS-31215 Inability to import a CSV file for a static list, as Dashworks reported that the CSV is in the wrong format.
  • DAS-31079 The Dashworks Installer set an invalid default time zone instead of AUS Eastern Standard Time.

Known Issues

  • DAS-32670 An empty dashboard page is displayed if opened from a widget that appears in a previously duplicated section.
  • DAS-22252 Occasionally, an Owner in Self Service is not successfully onboarded if there are thousands of objects queued.
  • DAS-32751 The default time zone selected during installation is ignored, and GMT (Greenwich Mean Time) is used instead.
  • DAS-32798 Under certain circumstances, when searching for a Next Replacement Device in Hardware Lifecyle, the Search By drop-down can be unresponsive.
  • DAS-32846 When creating automations in Lifecycle, if you specify either the Update Next Device Replacement Date or Update Disposal Date as 2 days before either the current value or now (Update relative to current value or Update relative to now) the Update button is no longer enabled.
  • DAS-32831 Duplicating a widget from a previously duplicated section in Dashboards results in a 500 error, and no widget is duplicated.
  • DAS-32891 In Dashboards, a 500 error occurs after creating or updating a widget with a custom color, if the value has a name longer than 50 characters.
  • DAS-32952 There is no proper message shown when a private list is used for public dashboard widget


All end of support notices are available publicly here.

Dashworks 5.7.6

Dashworks 5.7.6 will be released in early Aug 2022

Dashworks has supported neither Internet Explorer (IE) nor Edge in Internet Explorer Mode since 5.6.1 (Apr 2021). While unsupported, the application has continued to be usable in IE. However, Dashworks 5.7.6 will introduce breaking changes that will result in Dashworks becoming unusable in Internet Explorer from this version onwards.

IE 11 will no longer supported by Microsoft on most versions of Windows 10 from 15 Jun 2022.

End of support for Microsoft SQL Server 2016.