Dashworks Release Notes 5.6.7

Dashworks Release Notes - Medusa

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Executive Summary

You can use email notifications to communicate with users about project deployment and Task updates. This release includes a number of improvements to email notifications, such as the Send Now button and the ability to send multiple email notifications at once. Application Compliance has also been updated, enabling Analysis Editors to manage application compatibility and compliance more efficiently. Additionally, Project columns and filters now allow you to manage All Application Devices in Evergreen, replacing App (Group) Dashboards in Senior.


Send Now in Task Emails

Send now task emails medusa

The Send now button allows you to send an email notification from an object with Tasks by clicking the Cog menu > Send Now. This useful feature has been improved so that the Send Now button sends one notification, instead of sending all the pending notifications for the Task.

Additionally, you can select multiple email notifications and send them using the action menu at the top of the Task emails grid.

Application Compliance

application compliance medusa

A user with a role of Analysis Editor can change the Compliance on the Application details page using the pencil button. This is useful if you want to change the the compatibility of a particular application.

Compliance changes are only applied when the transform is finished and changed Compliance is indicated by the crossed-arrow icon displayed next to the Compliance name.

Application Lists with Project Information

app lists with project info medusa

Project columns and filters allow you to manage All Application Devices, replacing Senior App (Group) Dashboards. You can now view Project information in the application association lists, allowing you to see application information for different objects in your organisation.

What's Improved

  • DAS-28988 Bulk sending of email notifications. You can now select and send more than one email notification at a time.

What's Changed

  • DAS-29875 Stage caching removed from compiled.objectsview

What's Been Fixed

  • DAS-29893 Self Service calendars were not displaying the correct dates when the browser locale was set to Thai. Users can now correctly select and view dates.

Known Issues

  • DAS-30255 Simple calendar (rather than advanced) is displayed to an end user, if there are no Slots with Capacity Unit mode and the Allow user to change capacity unit check box is selected
  • DAS-30335 Capacity Calendar shows the wrong tooltip on available/unable slots, depending on which language has been selected


For more information about any of the items under notices please contact support@juriba.com

Dashworks 5.7.6

Dashworks 5.7.6 will be released in early Aug 2021

Dashworks has supported neither Internet Explorer (IE) nor Edge in Internet Explorer Mode since 5.6.1 (Apr 2021). While unsupported, the application has continued to be usable in IE. However, Dashworks 5.7.6 will introduce breaking changes that will result in Dashworks becoming unusable in Internet Explorer from this version onwards.

IE 11 will no longer supported by Microsoft on most versions of Windows 10 from 15 Jun 2022.

End of support for Microsoft SQL Server 2016.