Dashworks Release Notes 5.6.5

Dashworks Release Notes - Kronos

Executive Summary

The introduction of translations across Self Service means that we now offer an important piece of functionality to our multinational customers. Running a project or service across multiple locations and engaging with people who speak different languages can be challenging. However, tools such as Dashworks, have this functionality built into their platform, and can alleviate much of the difficulty. The Tasks page in Evergreen Details (a central point for maintaining the data for your project) is now a cleaner, simpler interface, changing the way you interact with your project day-to-day. The statistics preview in Ring Scoping elevates this functionality to a new level, enabling you to model the impact of different changes to your project risk profile, before committing them.


Evergreen Self-Service - Translations for Task Values and Text

kronos evergeeen self service translations-1

Following the introduction of translations for some items in Evergreen Self Service in 5.6.4, the feature now includes task values in select task components and text components (DAS-27831). Translations allow you to specify the same piece of text in multiple languages when building a Self Service. Self Service can be used to reach a wide audience, and can provide or collect information, often in multiple languages for multinational organisations. Engagement is typically much higher when communicating with end users in their native language, and translations in Self Service enable this.

Date Custom Fields

kronos date custom fileds-1

Custom fields can now be created with date values (DAS-27924, DAS-28194, DAS-28666, DAS-28699, DAS-28689). The advantage of this over text custom fields is that they can be sorted and filtered as dates in lists, using operators such as before and after. You can use date custom fields for date-value data in users, mailboxes, and apps, where that data is not already native in Dashworks, such as Last Break-Fix Incident, or Approved Date.

Editable Select Tasks on Evergreen Details

kronos editable custom fileds-1

Select tasks (known in the legacy interface as dropdown or radiobutton tasks) can now be edited in Evergreen details for all object types (DAS-28484, DAS-28498). This completes the Tasks page, with all task types now editable. Select tasks allow a value to be configured against an object from a list pre-defined by the project administrator. For example, the value of an “AD Object Creation” task for a device may be set to Not Started, Started, Completed, or Failed. Task values can be set in Evergreen details, but also in bulk update, with an automation, via the API, or with the Dashworks file handler.

What's New

  • DAS-27996 Planning > Ring Scoping: Statistics preview
  • DAS-26157 Details: Archived objects now supported

What's Changed

  • DAS-28001 Database: Custom field values are now held in different tables depending on their datatype

What's Been Fixed

  • DAS-25514 Lists: Lists perform an unnecessary data refresh when saved
  • DAS-28758 Planning > Ring Scoping > Statistics: Keep user's preferences for charts, target values and DDL within the same session
  • DAS-29207 Planning > Ring Scoping > Scoping Parameters: Allow user to select coverage targets and overtype them
  • DAS-27964 Automations > Automation log: Incorrect number of processed objects shown
  • DAS-25687 Details: Incorrect message in audit log when Object to Application Readiness is set to Auto
  • DAS-29230 Legacy: Task date removed when date is not valid for capacity

Known Issues

  • DAS-29180 Self Service: Task values shown in the Self Service default language even when translations exist in the project
  • DAS-29467 Self Service: Available slot is not shown in the pick list when the Earliest Selectable Date is earlier than the Slot Start Date
  • DAS-29587 Self Service: The default text in the 'Thank you' Text component is not shown after navigating to Thank you page of Self Service
  • DAS-29643 Self Service: Names of archived object are not shown in Evergreen Self Service
  • DAS-29642 Self Service: Doubled language names are displayed in the modal windows for all languages on Translations page in evergreen Self Service
  • DAS-29682 Lists: The saving of the Application static list with enabled archive object fails with 550 error
  • DAS-29391 Lists: [Date type custom field] displays wrong date formatting in the object grid


For more information about any of the items under notices please contact support@juriba.com

Dashworks 5.6.9

Dashworks 5.6.9 will be released in early Dec 2021

  • End of support for Microsoft SQL Server 2016