Dashworks Release Notes 5.6.2

Dashworks Release Notes - Hermes

Executive Summary

There has been a drive in the 5.6.2 release to increase the overall performance of Dashworks, with a particular focus on lists. Some of these changes are visible such as the new “run list“ button which reduces the load on the database when building a new list, and the ability to optionally switch on the caching of lists; whilst other changes have been in the guts of the application, working to improve the way data is handled. Our investment in improving application performance continues, as whilst we have made some big strides in this area there is still much more that can be done. Self service now has the ability to add corporate branding giving confidence to end users that Dashworks is an integrated, company system. The evolving tasks page within Evergreen details can now modify task owners as the latest improvement.


Logos on Self Service

Hermes logos on SS-1

You can now add corporate branding to Evergreen self service by adding a logo to the header (DAS-26858). There are also options to set the background colour, resize the logo and position the logo. This means that users across your organisation have a true corporate experience when using self service.

Evergreen Task Owners

hermes evergreen Task owners-1

As the tasks pages on Evergreen details evolves, it is now possible to set the team and owner of a task for any object type (DAS-25044). This is done by first selecting the team and then then user. Assigning tasks to Dashworks users allocates ownership of activities within the transformation process.

Run List Button

Hermes run list button-1

You will now see a RUN LIST button on all lists (DAS-25481). When adding columns and filters to build a list, the data for your list only loads once you have finished and click the RUN LIST button. This prevents delays in the user experience when manipulating complex lists over large data sets caused by the list reloading each time a column or filter is added.

What's New

  • DAS-26839 Ring Scoping: Progress bar, time estimation and number of processed objects
  • DAS-25581 Ring Scoping: Project selection drop-down
  • DAS-27258 Ring scoping: Added App Criticality Coverage by Ring chart, Devices by Ring chart now stacked bar
  • DAS-26965 Device Details: Stock Inventory import name added to Specifications page
  • DAS-27065 CSV file upload timeout is configurable in app.json file
  • DAS-25404 CSV preview for Stock Inventory import
  • DAS-27283 Saved lists can be cached

What's Changed

  • DAS-27027 Add a message to Dashworks that Internet Explorer is not supported
  • DAS-26886 Admin > Custom Fields: Text value type
  • DAS-27051 Create Static List from CSV: In Static List column renamed to Not Already in List and Exists in List
  • DAS-27052 Create Static List from CSV: Changed position of column In Static List and removed when creating a list
  • DAS-27010 Ring scoping: Show charts now a toggle switch

What's been fixed

  • DAS-25945 Apps page in Senior loads very slowly
  • DAS-27001 Ring Scoping: Scoping parameters allow users to enter 0 in Min/Max number of devices

Known Issues

  • DAS-28011 Ring Scoping: Chart clickthroughs are not showing the correct apps when Minimum Devices per App is higher than 1
  • DAS-28186 Dashboards: Card widget shows "This widget refers to a list which has errors" message when using first cell and a list with a readiness column
  • DAS-28227 Self Service: Default header image shows a broken image icon on Default Style page on a new install
  • DAS-28219 Legacy > Manage: Cannot import a legacy project as a new project, workaround is to import via the Evergreen UI


For more information about any of the items under notices please contact support@juriba.com

Dashworks 5.6.2

This release

  • End of support for Microsoft SQL Server 2016 RTM & SP