Dashworks Release Notes 5.6

Dashworks Release Notes - Fujin

Executive Summary

There are 2 big new features in Dashworks 5.6.0: Ring Scoping Preview and Stock Inventory. Both of these are the culmination of many months of work, and significantly enhance the business value that Dashworks brings. Ring scoping can help with many different types of project, but has particular benefit when planning the rollout of updates to Windows 10. This upfront modelling capability means that you can embark on your project with complete control of the risks. Stock inventory enables you to manage devices in stock or on order just like any other device in your hardware inventory. Hardware lifecycle projects can leverage this new functionality to track devices from birth to death.


Ring Scoping Preview

Ring Scoping Preview DW 5.6-1

Ring scoping is a really exciting new feature that enables you to map out your entire project based on risk. Dashworks can automatically organise any rollout into broad deployment waves (rings) so that your project hits its targets in the most efficient way possible. Applications are grouped by Criticality, and then targets are set for each ring to ensure that enough applications have been tested, to give you confidence to move to the next phase of your project. You can change the parameters, and then remodel your project over and over again until you are completely happy with the results. The preview covers target applications for devices.

Stock Inventory

Stock Inventory DW 5.6-1

In a hardware lifecycle project, a procurement manager will typically be given “birthing data“ by the hardware vendor about devices that are on order. This will include manufacturer, model, purchase date, order number, order status and possibly asset tags or serial numbers. This data is important to the success of any hardware lifecycle project, and must be combined with information about existing devices to get a complete picture. The new Stock Inventory Data Import enables you to import this data so you can manage new devices before they are connected to network, allowing you to plan hardware refreshes and break-fix incidents.

Custom Fields

Custom Fields DW 5.6-1

Custom fields have now come to Evergreen. Custom fields can be used to store any data about your devices, users, mailboxes and applications that does not have a natural home elsewhere in Dashworks. In this first release you can view, delete and reorder existing custom fields. The ability to create and edit custom fields via Evergreen and use specific datatypes, such as date is coming soon.

What's New

  • DAS-24928 Details > Tasks: Update Date and Slot
  • DAS-24811 Self Service: Mandatory date and select task components
  • DAS-24813 Self Service: Earliest and latest selectable date for tasks as an absolute date
  • DAS-24814 Self Service: Earliest and latest selectable date for tasks as a date relative to now
  • DAS-26118 Support for domain\username format when logging in with windows authentication
  • DAS-20457 Dashworks version included in project XML export
  • DAS-25870 Background processes to pre-aggregate readinesses now performed in batches to reduce contention

What's Changed

  • DAS-24431 Admin > Projects: Active column has been removed
  • DAS-25475 Read Committed Snapshot Isolation set to On for the Temp database to reduce contention
  • DAS-25037 Performance improvements to the writing of audit records

What's Been Fixed

  • DAS-25849 Admin > Data Imports: Enabled changed from False to True when unarchiving department data import
  • DAS-25629 Admin > Automations: Unsaved changes pop-up is shown in some circumstances, even if changes have not been made
  • DAS-25941 Archived devices being picked up for offboarding even if still in scope

Known Issues

  • Ring Scoping Preview that has been tested on projects with up to 60,000 devices, 2,000 applications and 2,000,000 device-application relationships, projects over this size may have performance issues
  • DAS-26546 Details: Duplicated scroll bar in Change Bucket, Capacity Unit and Ring when there is a large number of linked objects
  • DAS-26648 Details > Tasks: Capacity colours are not shown on date picker when language is French or German
  • DAS-25682 Dashboards: If user session times out when creating a dashboard widget, automation action or Self Service component user receives a pop up warning that they have unsaved changes
  • DAS-26650 Admin > Automations: Automation outcome is "TASK CONFIGURATION HAS CHANGED" if the automation has an action which updates a task with capacity
  • DAS-22252 Self Service: Owner might not to be onboarded if there is already many objects in the onboarding queue


For more information about any of the items under notices please contact support@juriba.com

Dashworks 5.6.0

This release

  • End of support for Dashworks installed on Microsoft Windows Server 2012 R2
  • End of support for Dashworks installed on Microsoft IIS 8.0
  • End of support for Dashworks installed on Microsoft IIS 8.5
  • End of support for Dashworks installed on Microsoft SQL Server 2014

Dashworks 5.6.1

Dashworks 5.6.1 will be released in early Apr 2021