Dashworks Release Notes 5.5.4

Dashworks Release Notes - Cerberus

Executive Summary

The final pieces of the project apps page in details are now in place. This means you can now add & remove applications manually, and manage readiness overrides in bulk. Self service has had a step forward with date tasks, that were previously available only on devices, now coming to apps. The latest functionality in Automations and Bulk Update is Add Note.

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Applications can now be added to users and devices in a project manually within the Evergreen UI (DAS-21662). This mirrors the functionality available in the Legacy UI. Adding applications to users and devices gives you the flexibility enhance data that has come in via an import with information from other sources, such as user choices or applications only required post upgrade.

Self Service Date Tasks For Applications

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A second component is now available for applications in self service: date tasks (DAS-23083). These work in the same way as date tasks for devices which came in the last release, with full capacity information available. You can use these to schedule UAT tests with users, discover end of life information or schedule app migrations. You can combine date tasks with the app ownership component on the same page.

Add Note Bulk Update and Automation

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The latest Bulk Update and Automation type is Add Note (DAS-22767DAS-22789) for Devices, Users, Applications and Mailboxes. This allows you to add freeform text to an object within a project and record information that doesn’t fit elsewhere, such as notes from a telephone conversation with a user or input from self service.

What's Improved

  • DAS-21997 Admin > Data Imports: Archive/unarchive data imports
  • DAS-22515 Admin > Data Imports: Delete data imports
  • DAS-22574 Details > Project Apps: Bulk remove readiness override & Remove manually added apps
  • DAS-21621 Lists: Add weekdays to relative date filters
  • DAS-23274 Admin > Automations: Banner message that broker is disabled

What's Been Fixed

  • DAS-23150 Lists > Permissions: Type to search for user uses begins instead of contains

  • DAS-23603 Performance Improvement: Syncing apps on an object

  • DAS-23912 Public lists that refer to a private list can be used as a scope for the project

  • DAS-23876 Users with limited permission are able to edit a read-only dashboard

  • DAS-23721 Lists: Incorrect data is restored when switching between Favourite Bulk Updates

  • DAS-23588 Details: No audit record if App Rationalization changed due to another app being Forward Pathed to it

  • DAS-23551 Performance issues on Self Service App Ownership

  • DAS-23600 Admin > Project > Scope Details: Other mailbox permissions and “Mailbox folder permissions have no effect

  • DAS-22718 Legacy: Linked Object Added and the Owner Changed audit records are omitted in the Audit Report when the Self Service filter is selected

  • DAS-22912 Details: Owner isn't onboarded into a Legacy Project when resyncing if it was previously offboarded

  • DAS-23742 Legacy: Updating apps tab of a device or user project object page may cause a recently set readiness value to be reset

  • DAS-20470 Admin: There is no validation error when selecting a list with a dependency on another list which as a Me or My Team filter on Scope Details and Automation