Dashworks Release Notes 5.5.3

Dashworks Release Notes - Boreas

Executive Summary

Self service sees the first glimpse of some important new functionality this month with date tasks on devices. I’m really pleased that we have been able to launch this with full capacity functionality in place. Tasks are the beating heart of a project and over the coming releases we will be also be introducing them to apps, users and mailboxes, along with date & time, text and select tasks. There is also enhanced functionality for tasks that takes these beyond the native capabilities of tasks in legacy self service to include features such as aliasing, read only and mandatory tasks. Evergreen details pages now have audit history visible, nudging the details pages ever closer to feature parity with the legacy UI. Importantly you can see the Evergreen audit history here which is not available in the legacy UI. Finally the latest addition to bulk update and automations is Send Email Now.

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Evergreen Self Service Date Tasks

Dashworks 553 self service date tasks-1

Evergreen Self Service now has date tasks available for devices. This includes the capacity and slots feature. This functionality allows end users to self schedule their device for OS upgrades, hardware replacements or other maintenance tasks. Capacity can be set and is shown in a way that is easy to consume through colours on the date picker. The task name can be aliased so that the end user sees a different name to that set up in the main Dashworks application.

Evergreen Audit History

There is a new page on Details for users, devices, apps and mailboxes called Audit History (DAS-22121). This shows the audit records of all changes that have happened to an object. This page includes the audit history for Evergreen operations, which cannot be viewed in the legacy UI.

Bulk Update & Automation: Send Email Now

Dashworks 553 evergreen audit history-1

The latest addition to bulk update and automations is “Send Email Now“. Using this feature you can resend emails to users in bulk who may have missed it the first time around. This is useful to communicate details of upcoming changes or to invite them to use self service.

What's Improved

  • DAS-23019 User and Device Details: Project Apps > Edit Readiness
  • DAS-21661 User and Device Details: Project Apps > Edit Association
  • DAS-22445 User and Device Details: Project Apps > Remove readiness override (cog icon)
  • DAS-22445 User and Device Details: Project Apps > Remove manually added apps (cog icon)
  • DAS-18420 Users: Device Hardware filters
  • Lists > Custom Field Performance Improvements
  • DAS-21766 Reports: Bulk update > Clickthroughs
  • DAS-21496 Reports: Bulk update > Custom dates on Configure Report panel

What's Changed

  • DAS-22844 Admin > Project > Scope Details: checkbox labels changed for mailbox projects on User tab to Mailbox Owners and Mailbox Delegates
  • DAS-22155 Lists: Users offered for specific permissions has been reduced to just users with the Evergreen Users role

What's Been Fixed

  • DAS-23162 Dashboards: Archived mailbox items do not show in dashboard widgets
  • DAS-23028 Lists: Send Email Now Bulk update fails when 2 or more actions are performed concurrently
  • DAS-22998 Lists: In some circumstances, lists do not respect the timeout parameter
  • DAS-23084 Lists: User can update buckets owned by teams he doesn't belong to via Bulk update
  • DAS-22202 Lists: The "^" character is misinterpreted in filter values
  • DAS-23286 Lists: Text filters have incorrect results for operators Does not begin and Does not end with
  • DAS-23347 Reports: Links from Bulk Update report show incorrect counts when also move: all linked users is selected
  • DAS-23141 Admin: Archived Device objects are ignored in Automations

Known Issues

  • DAS-23438 Details: Resync Application does not update Hide From End User
  • DAS-23315 Details: App rationalisation is not resynced when Evergreen Rationalisation is Keep
  • DAS-22013 Self Service: App owner might not to be onboarded if there is already a large number of objects is in onboarding queue
  • DAS-23416 Applications are not resynced via the automation resync feature, if the project is in a legacy project that was imported as an Evergreen project
  • DAS-23742 Using the update button on the applications tab of a Device/User PMObject page may reset a readiness value recently set in the Evergreen Project Apps page due to a caching delay
  • DAS-23920 Filtering and sorting of the Readiness column on the Project Apps page does not work properly when an app with rationalization RETIRED is present in the grid.