Dashworks Release Notes 5.5.2

Dashworks Release Notes - Atlas

Executive Summary

The device ownership component for self service comes out in this release, supporting a number of use cases including hardware lifecycle projects and Windows 10 servicing. Resynchronising devices, users, mailboxes and users between Evergreen and a project can now be done as an automated background task as well as being available in the Evergreen UI via lists. This ensures that the information in your project is always kept up to date. In a further improvement to Email Migrations, mailboxes that have been decommissioned can now still be seen in Mailbox lists.

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Evergreen Self Service Device Ownership

Evergreen SS Device Ownership-1

The latest component to be added to Evergreen self service is Device Ownership. This allows project teams to present a targeted, customisable screen to end users which enables them to confirm or change the ownership of a device. Establishing and validating the owner of a device in advance of initiating any change is a key success factor in many different types of project.

Resync Automation and Bulk Update

Resync Automation and Bulk Update-1

The enhanced object resync capabilities in Evergreen are now available via both bulk update and automations. This resync function allows you to align properties of an object in a project with those in Evergreen. The properties that are resynced are different for each object type, but these include object name, owner, apps and application attributes.

Include Archived Mailboxes

Include Archived Mailboxes-1

Mailboxes that have dropped out of the live data feeds since they were first imported can now be seen using the Include Archived Mailboxes function. They can be toggled on and off in the Mailboxes list using a new button. This allows you to continue to see project information about mailboxes that have been migrated and therefore decommissioned.

What's Improved

  • DAS-21805 Application Details > Project Details > Update App Rationalisation
  • DAS-21816 Application Details > Distribution > Evergreen Users & Devices
  • DAS-21888 Application Details > Distribution > Project Users & Devices
  • DAS-22541 Admin> Data Imports
  • DAS-22337 Devices > Self Service columns
  • DAS-22339 Devices > Self Service filters
  • DAS-22336 Device Details > Self Services
  • DAS-22390 Device Details > Self Service Status
  • DAS-22363 Added "Empty" and "Not Empty" operators for the "Project: App Target ID" filter
  • DAS-21426 Lists > Bulk Update filters
  • DAS-22543 Reports > Bulk Update > Object Type column
  • DAS-22522 Reports > Bulk Update > Results for all users
  • DAS-22454 Lists > Remove default favourite bulk update
  • DAS-21720 Users > User Principal Name column and filter

What's Changed

  • DAS-22310 Users > Device Count column and filter renamed to Device Count (Owned)
  • DAS-22310 Users > Project Device Count column and filter renamed to Device Count (All)
  • DAS-22141 Admin > Evergreen > Rings: Project rings removed
  • DAS-21531 App readiness has been replaced with an application task
  • DAS-21588 Lists: Package Type renamed to Application Type

What's Been Fixed

  • DAS-22076 Created apps not shown when searching for app to forward path to
  • DAS-22631 Search within list errors when there are multiple LDAP columns
  • DAS-21803 Performance issues in Admin > Evergreen > Buckets
  • DAS-22330 Import Type filter includes retired values
  • DAS-22133 Dashboard clickthroughs do not match the row count for multivalued fields
  • DAS-22846 Self Service app ownership component is displayed for offboarded objects
  • DAS-22577 Members of the Team cannot edit Dashboards when we use teams to assign Admin or Edit permissions to Evergreen Dashboards
  • DAS-22207 Windows Auth Users Don't Get roles assigned via Azman until visiting Legacy UI
  • DAS-22452 Evergreen: Data imports page error is shown instead of the Product is not activated page error, when Dashworks is not licensed
  • DAS-22773 Incorrect object type on Bulk update results page
  • DAS-22567 Empty fields are displayed when switching between favourite bulk update and system bulk updates
  • DAS-22660 Automation action for update ring isn’t created if using Evergreen

Known Issues

  • DAS-22998 Lists, in some circumstances, do not respect the timeout parameter
  • DAS-23084 User can update buckets owned by teams he doesn't belong via Bulk update
  • DAS-22013 Self Service owner might not to be onboarded if there is already a large number of objects is in onboarding queue
  • DAS-23315 App rationalisation is not resynced when Evergreen Rationalisation is Keep
  • DAS-23416 Applications are not resynced via the automation resync feature, if the project is a legacy project that was imported as an Evergreen project
  • DAS-23162 Archived mailbox items do not show in dashboard widgets