Dashworks Release Notes 5.5.0

Dashworks Release Notes - Yellow Dwarf

Executive Summary

5.5.0 is a major new release of Dashworks and introduces the new Evergreen Self Service feature. Self Service is set to be a game changing feature which we will continue to build over the next 18 months with increasing flexibility and functionality. At this stage, self service is a preview with a small subset of the final functionality, focusing on the application ownership use case.

Release Notes Video Covering Dashworks 5.5.0 & 5.5.1

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Self Service Preview

Dashworks 5.5.0 Self Service preview-1

The new self service preview allows users across your organisation, many of whom would not normally use Dashworks, to confirm or change ownership of applications. Application owners are people who are the single point of contact within the company for an application who may be responsible for licensing, testing and approving new versions. Self service has been built as a flexible open structure that will ultimately serve multiple different use cases. This first release presents the end user with information about the owner of an application with the opportunity to change it to another user.

Project User, Device and Mailbox Count

Dashworks 5.5.0 New Project Counts-1

There are now several new user, device and mailbox counts available for projects. Users has project device count and user count for device and user scoped projects; and mailbox count for mailbox scoped projects. Devices and Mailboxes have project user count. These allow you to quickly see the volume of associations between one object and others in the same project.

Empty Data Points Shown in Dashboard Widgets

Dashworks 5.5.0 Empty Data Points-1

When you create a widget based on date data, dates which have a count or aggregate of zero, within the range of dates will now be plotted as a data point. This gives an even cadence to the data along the axis, and is how most users would expect to see the data displayed. This is particularly useful when showing schedules or monthly snapshots of data on dashboards.

What's Improved

  • DAS-20894 Application Details: Self Service> Self Services tab
  • DAS-20246 Application Details: Self Service> Self Service Status tab
  • DAS-21171 Legacy UI: Project name is shown on project object Details tab
  • DAS-21103 Applications: Device and User Count columns are now clickable to see underlying data
  • DAS-20799 Dashboards: Data labels now show count and percentage on donut and pie widgets
  • DAS-21008 Favourite Bulk Updates for Application Attributes
  • DAS-21003 Favourite Bulk Updates for Capacity Unit
  • DAS-21003 Favourite Bulk Updates for Ring
  • DAS-21003 Favourite Bulk Updates for Bucket
  • DAS-21241 Default Favourite Bulk Update
  • DAS-20370 AUTOMATION option to the CREATE button on the all object lists

What's Changed

  • DAS-20954 Filters: Add “Automation Action” label to filter
  • DAS-20943 System lists do not need to be validated
  • DAS-21258 Devices: Use Domain from DimComputer table as column and filter data
  • DAS-21338 Columns are no longer validated where not necessary
  • DAS-21494 All Device Applications is now All Application Devices
  • DAS-21494 All User Applications is now All Application Users
  • DAS-21464 Mailboxes: Import filter should be changed to multiselect
  • DAS-21469 App Count (Used) column should shows incorrect values
  • DAS-20687 Bulk Update/Actions: Bulk Update Type/Action Type DDLs should be an input field
  • DAS-19685 Evergreen Details > Update Evergreen Ring (New modal + Security)
  • DAS-21146 Evergreen Details > Update Evergreen Capacity Unit (New modal + Security)

What's Been Fixed

  • DAS-20815 Lists: Import filters show deleted and archived imports
  • DAS-21098 Lists: Date filters do not include selected day when using date time values
  • DAS-21034 Admin > Automations: Only one item selected when clicking select all
  • DAS-21234 Unable to attach files with DashworksAdmin account disabled
  • DAS-21347 Dashboard drill through not working for mailbox lists
  • DAS-21421 DJ: "Import" filters should have ID in query instead of the strings (API + Remediation)
  • DAS-21466 Actions/Manage Favourite B.U: [Target application not found] should be shown if selected app was offboarded
  • DAS-20923 Automations not shown when SQL Agent job for schedule doesn't exist
  • DAS-21275 Evergreen. User without Project Administrator role should perform Bulk Update

Known Issues

  • DAS-21517 Admin > Scope Details: Owned and Delegated checkboxes are ignored
  • DAS-21520 Admin > Scope Details: Other mailbox and Mailbox folder permissions are ignored
  • DAS-21953 Dashboards: Filter with "Value not found" is displayed after clicking through on a widget based on the device Domain column
  • DAS-22015 Dashboard Stacked Bar changes colours and order randomly
  • DAS-21817 404 error is displayed in the console after switching between projects on the Object Details > Project Details tab and then clicking any link to another page
  • DAS-22034 Evergreen. Applications are displayed in the Device column on the object details page "Related" tab
  • DAS-22019 Evergreen. User can't select capacity unit for bulk update if the project has a created capacity unit named "Unknown"
  • DAS-22053 ‘Missing column’ is displayed for a selected Import columns in static lists if list was created Pre-Yellow Dwarf