Dashworks Release Notes 5.4.8

Dashworks Release Notes - Wormhole

Executive Summary

Application, device and mailbox owners in a project can now be updated in the Evergreen UI, a key step as we continue to enrich the interactive functionality on the Evergreen side. Updates to rings, buckets and capacity units can now be used in automation actions, making this important bulk update available in automated workflows. Lastly, user lists can now filtered by properties of mailboxes the user is associated to.

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Update Owners

Update Owners Dash548-1

In the Evergreen UI, the owner of a device, application and mailbox can now be updated in the Project Details page within the Object Details. The owner of a device or mailbox is normally the person who is the primary user of that device or mailbox. The owner of an application is the person who has responsibilities in an organisation for that application. They may approve new users, manage testing and sign off on new versions. Within the scope of a project you may receive more reliable information about the owner of a device, application or mailbox than the original data source. In this case you plug this information directly into Dashworks, without leaving the new Evergreen UI.

Automate the Update of Rings, Buckets & Capacity Units

Bulk Update Rings Buckets Cap Dash548-1

Bulk update of rings, buckets and capacity units has been available in the Evergreen UI for some time, however it was a manual one time process. Now this functionality is available as a background task via the Automations functionality. This allows you to set up criteria, via a dynamic list, to add newly seen objects to the correct ring, bucket or capacity unit in the background, without any manual intervention.

Mailbox Filters on User Lists

Mailbox Filters Dash548-1

There are 37 new filters on the User List under the Mailbox category. These allow you to filter the list of users based on a property of a mailbox they own (or don’t own). For example you can see all the users who own a Mailbox over a certain size; or alternatively all users who do not own a mailbox on Exchange 2016.

What's Improved


  • DAS-19288 Application Details > Project Details: Resync Application attributes
  • DAS-19704 Details: Pop-up modal to choose project
  • DAS-20010 Object Details > Evergreen Details: Add Team
  • DAS-20802 User Details > Applications > Project Owned: Add Criticality and Hide From End Users columns for current and target

Automations and Bulk Update

  • DAS-18949 Automations & Bulk Update: Update & Update Value fields combined
  • DAS-19781 Automations & Bulk Update: Combine Units and Before or After fields
  • DAS-20424 Automations: Clearer feedback when scope list is being validated
  • DAS-20328 Automations: Scope column clickable


  • DAS-20202 Dashboards: 'Create dashboard' should be enabled even if Edit mode is enabled
  • DAS-20143 Dashboards: Color schemes now have names to support screen readers


  • DAS-17433 App/User/Mailbox List: Project Name Column & Filter
  • DAS-12334 Lists: Column pinning saved as part of the list

What's Been Fixed

  • DAS-19343 User Details > Applications > Project Owned: "Empty" should be displayed in the filter and the cell should be blank for Target App Readiness Criticality & In Catalog columns when there is no target application
  • DAS-20274 Automations: Invalid data for custom field column in log
  • DAS-20278 Automations & Bulk Update: Owner dropdown isn't displayed after selecting team with no users
  • DAS-20930 Bulk Update: Audit record created for Update Evergreen Bucket, even when user does not have correct permissions
  • DAS-20691 Legacy: Computer Dashboard does not display devices with Request Types containing '>' when using filter
  • DAS-20618 Evergreen. The "Update" button is not enabled after changing only the Tooltip or the Ready checkbox
  • DAS-20813 Applications: No results returned when adding "Evergreen Target App" and "In Catalog"/"Hide From End Users" columns to the list
  • DAS-20722 Lists: You cannot add any column after switching to a list from a pivot
  • DAS-20597 Lists: Newly duplicated list is displayed in Edit mode
  • DAS-20862 Senior Dashboards error on Export & Bulk update: No connection could be made because the target machine actively refused it
  • DAS-20416 Lists: Task filter for team makes no distinction between My Team as a relative value and a team called My Team

Known Issues

  • DAS-20953 Bulk Update/Actions: Update task value: Relative task DDL should support Group Type Tasks
  • DAS-20915 Mailboxes: Mailbox GUID column displays all values as 00000000-0000-0000-0000-000000000000 when also using Mailbox GUID filter
  • DAS-16401 Evergreen Details page allows to move Capacity Unit only for the main Device, User or mailbox (with no associated objects)
  • DAS-21131 Evergreen Details page allows to move Ring only for the main Device, User or mailbox (with no associated objects)