Dashworks Release Notes 5.4.6

Dashworks Release Notes - Universe

Executive Summary

The stacked and clustered charts are a great feature to add richness to your dashboards. It's something we've been asked for many times and I'm really pleased that it has made it into this release. Visualising data in a meaningful way often requires insights across multiple data points, and Dashworks now has this flexibility. In order to add further functionality to application management, new types of associations for the current and target state of a project are now available on Device Applications. User applications, meanwhile, has benefited from new columns and filters: Evergreen bucket, capacity unit and ring. Also adding functionality to application management is the availability of further data points to update in Application Attributes in both Automations and Bulk Update.

Watch the Dashworks release notes video here (12 mins)


Dashboards: Stacked Bars and Sections

image2020-2-26_18-11-16 (1)

Bar and column widgets on dashboards now have the option to be stacked or clustered. This enables an additional dimension to be added to the data you are summarising, within the same chart. For example you can have a bar chart that is split by readiness, and then stacked by device type. Dashboard sections can now optionally have titles and descriptions allowing you to add more explanation to your data visualisations where needed. They can also be collapsed and expanded making it easier to navigate around larger dashboards, and you can even choose to have some sections collapsed on first load to highlight the most important charts to your users.

Application Association List Enhancements

image2020-2-26_18-24-39 (1)

All Device Applications now has options to show associations not only for Evergreen data, but also in your project. You can see associations between devices and applications for either the current or target state and even combine these with existing Evergreen associations. For example, you can see a list of device to application associations for the target state of a project which have never been installed on the device. Additionally All Device Applications has a new Device Evergreen category and All User Applications has a new User Evergreen category for filters and columns. These new categories contain columns and filters for Evergreen bucket, capacity unit and ring.

Automation & Bulk Update: Application Attributes

image2020-2-26_18-24-39 (1)

Bulk update of application attributes has been expanded to include Criticality and Hide From End Users for projects and In Catalog, Criticality, Rationalization and Hide From End Users for Evergreen. As expected, these additional fields have also been added to the Update Application Attributes action type in automations. This gives you the option to maintain this key information about your application catalog in bulk, both via the UI and with automated workflows.


What's Improved

  • DAS-19027 All Device Applications: Sticky Compliance column & filter
  • DAS-19602 Onboarding: Application attribute values (Rationalisation, Hide from End Users, Criticality) will be taken from Evergreen
  • DAS-19630 Permissions Context Panel on Dashboards & Lists
  • DAS-14449 Lists: Add UI feedback and timeout message on export
  • DAS-16549 Lists: Visual indicator for filter referring to broken list
  • DAS-18880 Lists: Me and My Team values added for task owner filter
  • DAS-14231 Pivots: 'Copy' and 'Copy with headers' right click options
  • DAS-19748 Applications List: Automation Actions category on columns
  • DAS-19721 Applications List: Project Criticality column and filter
  • DAS-18329 Admin > Scope Details: Add spinner whilst changes are being saved
  • DAS-18391 Performance improvements for onboarding and resyncing
  • DAS-14834 Transform setting to omit AD group processing
  • DAS-17485 Automations and Bulk Update: Add Unassigned value to Owner in Update Task Value
  • DAS-18886 Admin > Automations:  Add Update Type columns to Actions
  • DAS-17502 Admin > Automation Log: Columns for fields affected by automations to be displayed after clicking Objects link in Automation Log
  • DAS-19352 Mailboxes Details: Add Recipient Type
  • DAS-19365 User Details > Mailboxes: Add Recipient Type
  • DAS-19974 Application Details: Projects > Evergreen Incoming Apps
  • DAS-19599 Application Details: Project Criticality 
  • DAS-18227 Project Details: Change Bucket

What's Changed

  • DAS-19720 Primary/core application application field has been retired in favour of Criticality

Known Issues

  • DAS-20168 Automations: First automation run isn't finished if the same automation is run a second time
  • DAS-20159 Admin: The Applications list page is opened after clicking the number of mailboxes from the Project Rings page
  • DAS-20116 Automations: Action Finish/Automation Finish log messages are missing if 4 automations were running at the same time
  • DAS-20027 Dashboards: Page time out is happened after drag and drop widgets based on severity several times
  • DAS-20233 Dashworks Delete Project Data job is failing on Prune Automation Logs step