Dashworks Release Notes 5.4.4

Dashworks Release Notes - Spectrum

Executive Summary

Dashworks 5.4.4 has a number of key improvements that assist with application management, along with additional intelligence in the automations feature. The added ability to filter devices and users by group membership is particularly useful where AD groups are a key part of application distribution. This can be combined with application associations to see where applications are assigned and not used, or installed but not assigned, building up a detailed picture of how applications are used across your estate. The In Catalog and Criticality fields allow key information from your application catalog to be stored in Dashworks. Updating date tasks to relative values opens up a wealth of flexibility in automating migration schedules, enabling a smart approach to managing tasks such as postponing deployments and automatically scheduling migrations on devices as they become ready.

Watch the 5.4.4 & 5.4.5 updates video here (10 mins).


AD Group Filters

image2019-11-29_17-50-17 (2)-1

The Devices and Users lists both now have a set of Group filters that enable you to filter on AD group membership. It is possible to filter on specific groups, fuzzy matching or properties of the group such as group type, member count or domain. There are options to filter on devices and users being a member, or not a member of the group. This filter operates recursively so objects will be included even if they are not a direct member of the group, but instead in a group, that is in a group, that is in a group, etc.

Bulk Update Date Task to Relative Values

image2019-11-29_18-2-41 (2)-1

When bulk updating a task value, there are 2 new options allowing you to specify relative rather than absolute values for date tasks. You can use Update relative to current value to set the value of a date task to a specified number of days before after the the current value of the task. Similarly the Update relative to now option allows you to set the value to a specified number of days before or after the current date. Date & time tasks have the option specifying the relative value in either days or hours. Both of these types of update are also available on automations for the Update task value action type.

Application In Catalog & Criticality

image2019-11-29_18-31-54 (2)-1

There are 2 new fields on Application Evergreen Details to help you to manage your application catalog: In Catalog & Criticality. In Catalog is either true or false and indicates whether an application that you see in your inventory is approved and managed within your enterprise. Criticality can have a value of Core, Critical, Important, Not Important or Uncategorised. It matches the values seen in Desktop Analytics for categorising applications.

What's Improved

  • DAS-18260 Dashboards: Card widgets to have clickthrough functionality for aggregate by severity
  • DAS-15746 Mailbox Imports: add support for resource domains (linked mailboxes)
  • DAS-18372 Add "View in Evergreen" option to Project Object
  • DAS-18412 Dashboards: Enabled the ADD SECTION button even when widget limit reached
  • DAS-16949 Evergreen Profile: Add expand/collapse functionality for Navigation menu
  • DAS-17091 Dropdown list values to be limited to 50 to improve performance in IE
  • DAS-17827 Licensing: Specific message when applying a licence that has run out of activations
  • DAS-18232 Dashboards: Add Layout options for Icon and Text in Table widgets based on severity aggregate function on widgets
  • DAS-17758 Evergreen: Add option to open Saved lists and pivots in a new tab
  • DAS-17942 Object details: When adding a new Filter, system must automatically put the cursor into the Search
    field in the list of columns
  • DAS-18490 Evergreen. Show X icon instead of the trash icon and 'ADD' button instead of UPDATE when first adding new filters

What's Changed

  • DAS-18403 Change NONE Compliance & Readiness changed to IGNORE

What's Been Fixed

  • DAS-17016 Allow copy function for Text filter in Filter context panel
  • DAS-17743 Evergreen Applications list: Device advanced filters should be split under correct categories
  • DAS-18125 Evergreen. Short date format should be consistent across application
  • DAS-18389 Evergreen: Time Zone dropdown in User's profile opens with delay in Edge
  • DAS-18534 Incorrect handling ampersand (&) in comma separated value columns
  • DAS-18596 Evergreen. Spaces are removed automatically in the "List Name" field of the List Details panel
  • DAS-18610 List Filters: Add Owner category missing fields to Devices, Mailboxes and Applications filters
  • DAS-18617 "DDL_PrimaryComputer has a SelectedValue which is invalid" error
  • DAS-18633 Evergreen: table search returns incorrect results after including archived objects
  • DAS-18642 Status.aspx page missing license permutation
  • DAS-18646 Evegree: Capacity Override End Date cannot be the same as Override Start Date
  • DAS-18681 Label for "Not Applicable" should be "IGNORE" on Project Admin page
  • DAS-18838 Capacity Report Graph: All Capacity Slots option not working
  • DAS-18863 Task in exported/imported project doesn't have default value
  • DAS-18888 SCCM Schema Updates replaced INT with BIGINT for some fields
  • DAS-18922 Evergreen Applications list: "No applications found" message is displayed after sorting the grid by the "Application Owner Compliance" column
  • DAS-18964 Request type change takes a long time to return
  • DAS-18694 Evergreen: Some objects remain in a status of 'Not Onboarded' in Evergreen for several minutes

Known Issues

  • DAS-18232 Evergreen Dashboards: card widgets using severity created historically will not have Layout field populated
  • DAS-19185 Evergreen: No results are displayed on Devices and Device Applications lists when combining "CPU Architecture" and "Manufacturer" columns, unless "CPU Manufacturer" column is also added