Dashworks Release Notes 5.4.1

Dashworks Release Notes - Pulsar

Executive Summary

Dashworks 5.4.1 introduces the first interactive element on the Evergreen Details pages: Custom Fields. Values for an object's Custom Fields can now be added, deleted and updated in Evergreen Details. This creates a new pattern for the way an object's data is modified via the Evergreen UI, which will be repeated across other, similar use cases. In application lists, further device filters have been added for OS, hardware and custom fields, giving richer insights into the app distribution across your estate. Lastly, email templates have 2 new variables for task names and task values that open up a potentially very large number of new data points for use in your end user emails.

Watch the 5.4.0 & 5.4.1 updates video here (5 minutes)


Evergreen Details Custom Fields


Custom field values can now be added, deleted and edited on the Evergreen Details page. This applies to applications, devices, users and mailboxes. Custom fields sit outside the projects and are used to store attributes of an object that aren't available in Dashworks' native fields. Also in Evergreen Details, additional counters have been added to some of the menu items.

Application List: More Device Filters


3 new categories of device filters have been added to the applications list: Device Custom Fields, Device Operating System and Device Hardware. These can be used to filter applications on based on the devices they are associated to.

Email Placeholders for Alternate Task Names & Values


Email Templates have two new place holders available: {$TaskValueXX} and {$TaskNameXX}. These allow you to add task names and values to end user emails, for tasks other than the one triggering the email to be sent. This gives you access to the full range of information about the object in this project to include in the text of your email.

What's Improved

  • DAS-13333 Resync Apps through bulk update returns a specific status for created objects
  • DAS-13959 Consolidation of log entries in Evergreen Admin > Projects > Project > Scope > History for onboarding
  • DAS-15374 Make Dates in Full Filter Text Region Specific
  • DAS-16253 Add orphan deletion to housekeeping
  • DAS-16751 Dashboards: Exclude edit mode elements from printed version
  • DAS-16817 Details: Grid multiselect filters change displaying blank values to "Empty" (UI)
  • DAS-17107 Dashboards: Move a widget to the end of a section when moving between sections
  • DAS-17368 Redesign "Press Enter to see all results" into button in global search

What's Been Fixed

  • DAS-17626 Typo in text "No correspoinding mapping has been found"
  • DAS-17515 Widgets with a Split By of a field with readiness are not forced to use the readiness colour scheme
  • DAS-17529 Custom fields with higher indexes are removed after updating a custom field on PMobject page
  • DAS-17538 Dashboards: The warning message is displayed twice on the Create/Edit Widget page after clicking the "Dashboards" link in the page title
  • DAS-17549 Empty document is downloaded when exporting on the last page of a grid
  • DAS-17639 Evergreen Bulk Update: Capacity slot is not displayed if capacity is Unlimited
  • DAS-17676 DJ: inconsistency between sorting of rows/columns in Pivot and general lists
  • DAS-17718 OTV_ CSV file upload is not ignoring offboarded objects
  • DAS-17667 Capacity enforced on project object page even when the "Enforce capacity on project object page" setting is off
  • DAS-17669 Pivots: Data never loads if using Severity function in Values
  • DAS-17826 Objects in Evergreen lists still show as 'In Scope' after they have been offboarded for legacy project

Known Issues

  • DAS-17794 Custom Field filters with negative operators don't act as expected where there are multiple values
  • DAS-17776 Details: It's possible to remove the last column on Custom Fields page


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