Dashworks Release Notes 5.3.6

Dashworks Release Notes - Meteor

Executive Summary

5.3.6 is a slim release. There have been improvements to Evergreen Dashboards, and also bug fixes. Behind the scenes the development team is focused on building a new structure to support the functionality needed in the Evergreen Details pages, Automations and reporting on archived objects. All these new features are expected for release in the forthcoming months.


Evergreen Dashboards


Widgets in a shared dashboard that rely upon private lists are identified by an icon when the dashboard is in edit mode (DAS-16245). This assists in identifying problems that may occur when sharing your dashboard with others. Widgets can now be moved between sections without having to delete and recreate them (DAS-14618).

There are now 3 new custom sort orders for widgets in Dashboards: Status (e.g. Forecast, Scheduled, Migrated), Rings and Capacity Slots (DAS-15825, DAS-16274, DAS-15827). All of these will now be sorted in their defined display order instead of alphabetically. These sort orders will be applied automatically when choosing these fields.

Export & Import Mail Templates


When exporting a project (functionality available in the Management Console), mail templates are now included in the XML file produced. When importing this file to a new or existing project the option is given to import these mail templates and their association to any tasks in the project. Attachments to mail templates are not included in the export/import and will need to be added manually following the import, if required.

What's Improved

  • DAS-16297 Device Details: Count of objects in Submenu
  • DAS-16338 Device Details: Crumb Trail in header
  • DAS-15591 Consistency across the system in the use of tool tips
  • DAS-16269 Update Evergreen Admin sub menu to new pattern
  • DAS-16384 Evergreen Admin: Clickthroughs from Buckets, Rings and Capacity Units to have an additional column to indicate the entity
  • DAS-16470 Evergreen Details > Project Summary: Only show values in data for category and workflow columns

What's Changed

  • DAS-16430 Evergreen Details: Remove all Page Headers in the Evergreen Objects Detail pages
  • DAS-16595 Evergreen Admin: Submenu to be removed for Capacity Units and Rings as it is for Buckets
  • DAS-15899 Evergreen Lists: Add stage name to task filters & columns

What's Been Fixed

  • DAS-16175 Errors may be displayed in Legacy Project Object page for a period after a readiness is deleted
  • DAS-16303 Evergreen Details: Rings column filters don't work correctly
  • DAS-16564 Device Details > Applications: 'Manufacturer' column should be 'Vendor'
  • DAS-16617 Evergreen Admin: Readiness column doesn't sort on clicking the header
  • DAS-16650 Evergreen Dashboards: Widget that was moved to the start gets returned to the original place after editing

Known Issues

  • DAS-16696 Dashboards Move to section option should not be available if only one section available
  • DAS-16666 Evergreen import project success banner link does not load the correct page
  • DAS-16654 When a filter is selected and has a broken list or invalid task value, the error message should be changed from No devices found to Fix the errors in this list, this list contains a filter with error

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