Dashworks Release Notes 5.3.1

Dashworks Release Notes - Halo

Executive Summary

Pivots, an exciting new feature, is released in Dashworks 5.3.1. This allows you to build upon the powerful capabilities already in Evergreen lists to create high level, executive views of your data. There are also further refinements to the recent capacity slot functionality, Outlook meeting invitations on automated emails and a new bulk update type in Evergreen lists: Buckets.



In a very similar way to pivot tables in Excel, you can transform a set of data in an Evergreen list into a summarised (or aggregated) view by choosing columns, row groups and values. This is best demonstrated through some examples of pivots you may find useful.

Operating System By Location

In a pivot, you can choose up to 5 row groups, 2 columns and 2 values. Here a location hierarchy has been constructed on the groups, allowing you to drill down from aggregate values at the global region level (e.g. US-E) through country, city, building to the individual hostnames. Along the columns you can see the various operating systems in the environment, in this case just the windows operating systems as there is filter applied to this list. The cells contain a count of the Device Key field, which is effectively a count of the number of devices fulfilling the row and column criteria.

5.3.1 1-1

Monthly Deployment Schedule by Bucket

This example shows the number of devices for deployment on each day in November split by Bucket.

5.3.1 2-1

First Deployment by Bucket and Request Type

There are also aggregate functions other than count available such as min, max, first, last and average. Which of these functions is available depends on the datatype of the field you choose for the values e.g. first and last are only available for date fields. Here the first function is applied to the Scheduled Date task to give a view of the first deployment due for each request type in each bucket.

5.3.1 3-1

Meeting Invitations

Mail templates now have the option to attach an Outlook meeting invite (.ics file) to them. If it is a date task then the meeting will be an all day meeting; if it is a datetime task, then the meeting will be at the time specified in the task value. This meeting invitation takes the date of the task and offers the following configuration options:

  • Meeting duration (date & time tasks only)
  • Meeting reminder offset
  • Filename
  • Invitation subject
  • Invitation body

5.3.1 4-2

Evergreen Bulk Update Bucket

It is now possible to bulk update the bucket that a device, mailbox or user is in via bulk update in Evergreen Lists. This applies to both Evergreen and Project buckets. There is the option to also move related objects. Buckets are known as Groups in the legacy Analytics UI.

5.3.1 5-1

What's Improved

  • DAS-11496: Evergreen: Alt+S keyboard shortcut takes focus to top search on any page
  • DAS-12517: Evergreen: User time zone can now be set in the user profile
  • DAS-12725: Evergreen Mailbox List: Mailbox Owner LDAP columns & filters
  • DAS-12899: User department filter on applications list to use department selector
  • DAS-13148: Evergreen Users List: Mailbox Count (Owned) filter & column
  • DAS-13330: Evergreen Lists: When bulk updating task values, if there is only 1 project this is selected by default
  • DAS-13607: Evergreen: Refresh button available across screens
  • DAS-13809 Evergreen Device & Mailbox List: Owner Directory Type column & filter
  • DAS-13834: Evergreen: Route capacity unit counts from Admin to Lists
  • DAS-13835: Evergreen: Link Capacity Unit Slots count column to Slots page
  • DAS-13917 Legacy: Add Capacity Unit filter to some dashboards
  • DAS-13920: Evergreen: Performance improvements to advanced list filters using application association data
  • DAS-13975: Evergreen: Capacity Unit Settings: Maps To Evergreen Unit Field
  • DAS-14005: Evergreen: Add Project Summary component to Application Details
  • DAS-14013: Evergreen: Add capability to Bulk Update Capacity Unit to also move related objects
  • DAS-14015: Legacy: Bulk update capacity unit
  • DAS-14028: Deployment Calendar: Add Capacity Unit column to detail view
  • DAS-12693: Evergreen Lists: Export filename to include list name and date
  • DAS-13139 MSI install to be all users instead of single user
  • DAS-13625: Evergreen Admin: Start and end date columns to be added to slots
  • DAS-14175 Evergreen Admin: Validation required on date fields on slots & override dates
  • DAS-14210 Legacy: Increase size restriction on the mail template to 100,000 characters
  • DAS-14218 Maps to Evergreen column shown by default (and not hidden) for projects with capacity mode set to Clone

What's Changed

  • DAS-14027: Legacy: Remove Request Type, Capacity Unit and Team filters from Capacity Report > Detail & Exception, as these no longer make sense
  • DAS-14154: Legacy: Level 2 Clickthroughs for Capacity Report Details and Exceptions Views to have their own pages instead of using Deployment Calendar
  • DAS-14198: Evergreen: Admin > Projects > Scope > Scope Changes: Remove "UPDATE XXX CHANGES" buttons as these are confusing

What's Been Fixed

  • DAS-13886: Dashworks install fails if db_executor role already exists
  • DAS-13927: Some characters exported incorrectly when exporting a list to Excel in Evergreen
  • DAS-13931: MSI fails during web component install if Windows Firewall is not running
  • DAS-13986: Formatting of Key and ID values
  • DAS-14006: Tag search results not correct
  • DAS-14139: Department Fields getting Truncated in Evergreen Object Pages
  • DAS-13990: Application Dashboard level 2 times out in some scenarios
  • DAS-13996: SP_ETL_ComputerObjectUpdate very slow on some datasets
  • DAS-14204: Arithmetic overflow error in SP_ETL_FactComputerSpecification_SCCM_F - calculating TargetDriveFreeSpaceMB
  • DAS-14219: Mail Notifications duplicated instead of updated

Known Issues

  • DAS-14413: Pivots: reset button on column select behaviour incorrect
  • DAS-14442: Evergreen: User is able set start date later than end date on capacity slot create and update
  • DAS-14446: Legacy: Deployment Schedule capacity colours incorrect in some cases
  • DAS-14463: Evergreen: The default language on the project details page in Evergreen is not shown in high contrast colour theme, when high contrast is enabled

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