Dashworks Release Notes 5.2.7

Dashworks Release Notes - Dark Matter

Executive Summary

In 5.2.7 the first bulk update functionality in Evergreen has been introduced for project request type. This model will extended across all currently available bulk update types and will ultimately lead to a much more versatile way to update objects in Dashworks en masse. You can now import projects via Evergreen, either into existing projects or to create new ones moving this important piece of functionality into the new Evergreen application.


5.2.7 1-1

The many diverse and granular filters in Evergreen are now available when bulk updating the request type of an object.

5.2.7 2-1

Project template XML files can now be imported via Evergreen to new or existing projects.

What's Been Fixed

  • DAS-12726: Accessibility issue with links for keyboard only users
  • DAS-12815: Directory import does not work for usernames of more than 256 characters
  • DAS-12811: Export from some grids not working when using Windows Authentication
  • DAS-12826: Total doesn't match clickthrough on Analysis > Hardware > Multiple Assets
  • DAS-12910: Application Readiness column is not added when adding new filter with Add checkbox selected
  • DAS-12917: Old list name still shown when Evergreen list is renamed
  • DAS-12929: Owner key column removed from Buckets datagrid
  • DAS-12930: Objects in the queue to be onboarded are deleted from the queue if the group/bucket they are to be onboarded to is deleted
  • DAS-12949: Projects sort order is not case insensitive on Buckets page
  • DAS-12955: Default sort order is incorrect in Evergreen project scope queue and history
  • DAS-12998: Arithmetic overflow error in SP_ETL_FactComputerSpecification_SCCM_F calculating TargetDriveFreeSpaceMB
  • DAS-13005: Mail Importance setting does not work
  • DAS-13006: Applications (Group) Dashboard - object List does not match object count if the user and computer are not in the same group
  • DAS-13015: DirScrape: SP_UpdateStatistics failed: Execution Timeout Expired. The timeout period elapsed prior to completion of the operation or the server is not responding
  • DAS-13024: 'No devices found' is incorrectly shown when adding Device Owner LDAP and Computer AD Object LDAP attribute columns or filters to the devices list
  • DAS-13027: Object Application Sticky Exclude removed for all Forward Path targets on App Resync
  • DAS-13058: Duplicate fields can appear in self service if both date and value task project roles are used
  • DAS-13085: Cannot clear cc and bcc email address from Project

Known Issues

  • DAS-13110 Evergreen: 500 Cannot cast DBNull error on the Project Scope Queue\History if onboarding applications then devices (or devices then applications) within a device scoped project using a custom list.
  • DAS-13097 Evergreen: Lists are not loading in Microsoft Edge version 17.

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