Dashworks Release Notes 5.2.9

Dashworks Release Notes - Fusion

Executive Summary

5.2.9 is largely a bug fix release, with a couple of small improvements in the pre-reqs checker and change tracking. We are now using Angular CLI for the Evergreen application interface resulting in significant performance improvements when loading and using the application.

What's Improved

  • DAS-12689: Database change tracking disabled when PM cube is disabled for performance benefits
  • DAS-12771: Dashworks software pre-requisites checker to check the app pool account has local logon as a service right

What's Been Fixed

  • DAS-13326: Evergreen project Queue/History Object type column should be a select filter and not a text filter
  • DAS-13111: Evergreen project short name is not validated as unique
  • DAS-13286: Evergreen bulk update task value: projects without stages are listed
  • DAS-13419: Evergreen list columns & filters: unpublished tasks should not appear
  • DAS-13420: Evergreen > Admin > Buckets:  Move To Another Bucket does not work
  • DAS-13426: Cube processing during transform fails on '⅍' character
  • DAS-13477: Evergreen bulk update task value: stages with only group tasks are listed
  • DAS-13504: Package dimension population step in transform takes an exceptionally long time to run on some datasets
  • DAS-13585: Evergreen bulk update task value: task values sometimes show incorrect readiness

Known Issues

  • DAS-13592: Rarely data in AD can be too large for the transform step processing group membership information
  • DAS-13547: Rarely upgrade script for 5.2.8 can take a very long time

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