AppM Release Notes 2.9 - Current Release

AppM Release Notes - Kendrick

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Executive Summary

This release of AppM includes a number of features designed to increase the efficiency of importing and using data in AppM. AppM now also includes the ability to test IntuneWin package formats in Evergreen Testing, extending the range of formats currently available. Additionally, the MECM import process has been reworked to support the just-in-time feature and the import sync process.


IntuneWin Evergreen Testing

AppM enables you to test your applications against new builds in an automated way. For example, you can launch a VM, run installation, uninstallations and user-defined testing if required. This is helpful when you’re updating to a new build and you want to test your apps in a completely automated environment. This release extends that functionality to IntuneWin, providing another key tool for AppM users who use Intune as the main deployment mechanism.

kendrick intunewin testing


Just-in-time allows you to import application data without directly importing and storing the source files. This feature speeds up the import process, and reduces the volume of imported data required on AppM.

kendick just in time

Revert to Snapshot

The Revert to Snapshot action has been moved to the end of the testing process, so that testing is performed on a clean snapshot. This decreases the delay at the start of the testing process. This change applies to all hypervisors and virtual environments, and is particularly useful for Azure environments as Azure VMs can take a long time to revert snapshots.

What's New

  • AA-1198 Intune Win supported for Evergreen Testing

  • AA-514 Run tests with applications/packages from remote storage, without copying them to AppM.

What's Changed

  • AA-1697 Active virtual machine not accessible until browser page refresh

  • AA-1624 WVD has been renamed as MSIX AppAttach throughout AppM

  • AA-1581 Rework UPLOAD PACKAGE for IntuneWin package type

  • AA-1580 VNC RDP Sonar vulnerabilities have been fixed

  • AA-1116 Create New User entry fields have been reworked for user, job and company details

  • AA-1335 The sequence of steps in testing has changed. Revert to snapshot is now available when a test is finished.

  • AA-1516 Import/Export now synchronized between AppM and MECM

What's Been Fixed

  • AA-1703 Evergreen End time of test was displaying incorrectly

  • AA-1760 Credential provider has been updated

  • AA-1726 Appmanager.service has been updated

  • AA-1725 Template installer was blocked by AV

  • AA-1723 AppM was hanging when an application finished the QR stage

  • AA-1719 Access to API documentation restored

  • AA-1701 Other type Packages were appearing as MSI in Evergreen testing

  • AA-1693 Values added for ‘Select’ type publishing were not correctly saved

  • AA-1655 Client Tool crashes during QR under certain circumstances

  • AA-1645 Plain-text passwords were visible in C:\juribacredential.dbg file on VMs.

  • AA-1627 Import process is now disabled if DA is turned off

  • AA-1475 Blank VM screen displayed during Ranorex test.

Known Issues

  • AA-1789 Testing fails on create Ranorex tests


All end of support notices are available publicly here.

AppM 3.3

AppM 3.3 will be released in middle Aug 2022

End of support for Microsoft SQL Server 2016