AppM Release Notes 2.5

AppM Release Notes - Galileo

Executive Summary

AppM version 2.5 is an important release for any organization using large number of packages or applications in Microsoft Endpoint Configuration Manager (MECM). AppM now includes a scan process to retrieve the metadata of existing packages, subsequently reducing the number of packages or applications to be imported.


appm 2.5 galileo

The import process is now split into two separate steps. AppM performs a scan of all existing applications and packages from the selected MECM source. The collected data is then compared with existing, imported packages, and AppM displays all the packages in a table. You can then select any entries you require for import, and ignore the existing rows in the table. This avoids the need for a lengthy import process that imports all the packages from MECM regardless of whether they are required for testing. Additionally, only the packages that are needed are now imported, reducing the storage requirements.

What's New

  • AA-763 Intermediate step added for Import from MECM process

What's Changed

  • AA-706 Temporary folders are cleared after successful import process

  • AA-766 'Import all' and 'Start a scan' buttons are disabled if a scan or import has already started

  • AA-771 'No discovery found' section has been removed from Home

  • AA-688 Resolution for VMs on hypervisor has been improved

  • AA-750 The option to Lock screen has been removed

What's Been Fixed

  • AA-244 AppM installers wording and display has been updated

  • AA-649 Add & Remove Programs enables a successful uninstall

  • AA-695 'Virtual machine time out' no longer shown during the upload of a Ranorex script

  • AA-665 End Test time updated correctly following functional test

  • AA-783 Copying from SCCM to temp uploading status shows correct percentage on MECM Import > All MECM import details > Info

  • AA-811 Progress bar displays correctly following Import selected on Admin area > MECM import

  • AA-384 Soft delete no longer removes multiple VMs that share the same OS build

  • AA-931 Credential provider no longer fails when trying to create the Ranorex test on a Virtual Machine

Known Issues

  • AA-911 The Scan in progress cog loader displays constantly, and the Import All and Start a scan buttons are missing on the MECM Import page, after deleting MECM settings

  • AA-924 An error message: IMPORT - ERROR MECM HOST IS NOT UNIQUE displays during Test Connection in MECM Settings