AppM Release Notes 2.1

AppM Release Notes - Copernicus

Executive Summary

The Copernicus release brings two main new features plus many fixes. Firstly the new Juriba Authenticator which improves the security model used for virtual machines. The requirement to use Auto logon keys for local accounts has been removed which eliminates the need for clear text username and password from the registry, and provides compatibility with Microsoft Autopilot. Second, is the support for MSIX App Attach packages. You can create, convert and test your entire application estate into MSIX App Attach format.


MSIX App Attach Package Format

appm msix app attach

Dashworks AppM now automatically produces a MSIX App Attach package without any changes to your actions within the toolset. Package an application in the same way that you did previously but now have the option to download / utilise a MSIX App Attach package.

MSIX App Attach Package Testing

appm msix app attach testing

Coupled with the functionality enabling you to package applications to MSIX App Attach format comes the ability to test those packages against any Windows 10 build you have imported into Dashworks AppM.

Improved Security Model

There is a new and improved security model for VMs using Juriba authenticator.  Local accounts on the VMs can be changed and updated in the application without the requirement to rebuild the VMs

What's Changed

  • Improvement to packaging large applications.
  • Removal of the auto logon keys from registry, to the new more secure model.

What's Been Fixed

  • Address, Telephone and avatar removed from being a required field to create accounts
  • Account validation and email template updated
  • AA-140 App - Complex password fixed on configuration
  • AA-141 Installer - Missing default data
  • AA-142 App - Certification validation fixed
  • AA-144 Installer - Database naming requirements
  • AA-153 UI - Regular expression fixes to Packager and Virtual
  • AA-154 UI - Remove the requirement of vCenter for Hyper-V only installations.
  • AA-156 Installer - Allow empty password for certificates
  • AA-157 Update to framework version to remove requirement for TLS 1.0
  • AA-159 Installer - Rebranding and EULA for SQL installer
  • AA-160 App - Packaging continues when pre-requisite reboots OS
  • AA-161 App - Auto clone of VMware machines
  • AA-162 App - Push notifications improvement
  • AA-163 App - App-V and MSIX packaging workflow
  • AA-164 App - Pre-requisites over 2.4GB failing to save
  • AA-169 App - AV and services resolved to improved packaging and QR