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Icarus - Dashworks 5.6.3

Executive Summary


Evergreen Details - Text Tasks

Icarus Evergreen Details Text Tasks

The tasks page in Evergreen object details continues to be developed, and now text tasks can be edited, alongside date tasks (DAS-27817). Text tasks are used to store information against an object that is relevant to the project, such as user feedback.

Ring Scoping Charts Clickthroughs

Icarus Ring Scoping Charts Clickthroughs

Ring scoping is a way to distribute devices across broad waves based on the risk profile you define for your project. You can now clickthrough from the charts that are presented in ring scoping to see the underlying devices or applications (DAS-27144). For example, clicking on a segment in the App Count per Criticality and Ring chart will show you a list of all the apps covered up to the end of that ring which have a given criticality.

Evergreen - Custom Field Value Types

Icarus Evergreen Custom Field Value Types

There are now 3 different value types available for custom field (DAS-27123, DAS-27296). The text value type is the new default and allows a single value per object of up to 400 characters. The multi-value text value type allows up to 100 values per object and a limit of 400 characters per object. Choosing whether a custom field is multivalued or not when it is created means that administrators can control how the field is used by end users. It also brings performance benefits since text custom fields (which are single valued) can be handled more efficiently than multi-value text custom fields. The final value type is large text which allows a single value per object of up to 4000 characters. The large text value type is not available as a column or a filter on lists, preventing the parsing of very large pieces of text from impacting list performance. Bulk update, favourite bulk updates and automations have all been updated with different options for Update Values, that reflect the value type of the custom field.

What's Improved

  • DAS-27797 Devices: Contains Stock Info filter and column
  • DAS-27834 Application Details: Archived applications included in forward path
  • DAS-26998 Projects: Stock devices relinked to hardware device on merge
  • DAS-21108 Admin > Self Service: Redirect via URL to the particular component page
  • DAS-27457 Ring Scoping Improvements to processing page when the processing is fast

What's Changed

  • DAS-27810 Custom Fields: Value edited in a modal window instead of in grid

Known Issues

  • DAS-28217 Evergreen Details > Tasks: Slot column is not sorted/grouped when it has invalid slots
  • DAS-28224 Evergreen Details > Tasks: Slot data is not refreshed for grouping and exporting after date & slot changing
  • DAS-28562 Evergreen Dashboards> The "Split by" DDL is disabled after choosing another widget from the create list widget page
  • DAS-28470 Import scrapes: Transform error if import mailboxes from serval sources at time
  • DAS-28980 Self Service: Hermes clean install and Hermes upgraded to Icarus: The SS end user pages do not load due to a missing SS default image


For more information about any of the items under notices please contact support@juriba.com

Dashworks 5.6.9

Dashworks 5.6.9 will be released in early Dec 2021

  • End of support for Microsoft SQL Server 2016

Previous Releases:

Dashworks 5.6.3 Released 11 June 2021

Dashworks 5.6.2 Released 7 May 2021

Dashworks 5.6.1 Released 6 April 2021

Dashworks 5.6 Released 2 March 2021

Dashworks 5.5.6 Released 4 February 2021

Dashworks 5.5.5 Released 8 October 2020

Dashworks 5.5.4 Released 8 October 2020

Dashworks 5.5.3 Released 8 October 2020

Dashworks 5.5.2 Released 10 September 2020

Dashworks 5.5.1 Released 31 July 2020

Dashworks 5.5.0 Released 30 June 2020

Dashworks 5.4.9 Released 3 June 2020

Dashworks 5.4.8 Released 7 May 2020

Dashworks 5.4.7 Released 3 April 2020

Dashworks 5.4.6 Released 10 March 2020

Dashworks 5.4.5 Released 3 February 2020

Dashworks 5.4.4 Released 2 December 2019

Dashworks 5.4.3 Released 7 November 2019

Dashworks 5.4.2 Released 27 September 2019

Dashworks 5.4.1 Released 2 September 2019

Dashworks 5.4.0 Released 5 August 2019

Dashworks 5.3.7 Released 28 June 2019

Dashworks 5.3.6 Released 7 June 2019

Dashworks 5.3.5 Released 17 May 2019

Dashworks 5.3.4 Released 25 April 2019

Dashworks 5.3.3 Released 4 Mar 2019

Dashworks 5.3.2 Released 7 Feb 2019

Dashworks 5.3.1 Released 4 Dec 2018

Dashworks 5.3.0 Released 6 Nov 2018

Dashworks 5.2.9 Released 28 Sept 2018

Dashworks 5.2.8 Released 5 Sept 2018

Dashworks 5.2.7 Released 2 Aug 2018

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