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Zenith - Dashworks 5.5.1

Executive Summary

Project applications are now on the user and device details pages, plugging an important gap in the project information available in the Evergreen UI. Application associations within a project are a key piece of information for project administrators, and previously users had to return to the legacy UI to find these. The fact that these are now in the Evergreen Details page creates a smoother user experience. The reports section of Evergreen has arrived, and the first report available is for Bulk Updates which have been performed. Lastly, in small but psychologically important shift, the default page for the Dashworks application is now Evergreen rather than the legacy UI.


Device and User Project Applications

Dashworks 5.5.1 User Device Apps

Evergreen Details for both users & devices have an additional page of Project Apps under Applications. This shows the applications associated to the user or device within the chosen project. Similarly to the legacy UI, there are options to see the current apps, the target apps or both of these side by side. In this version the information is read only, with enhancements to enable you to edit readiness and association coming soon.

Bulk Update Log

Dashworks 5.5.1 Bulk Update Log

The bulk update report is the first item in Reports. Here you can check if bulk updates that you have performed have succeeded or failed. The results can be sorted and filtered with more detail of the bulk update itself and the batches of objects, available when drilling down. Currently only bulk updates for the logged in user are shown.

Simplified Self Service for Application Owners

Dashworks 5.5.1 Simplified Self Service App Owners

The application ownership component in self service now has a simplified end user experience when you choose the “Allow owner to be removed only” option. In this case, the user is now presented with a yes or no radio button to indicate their ownership rather than having to go through the process of removing themselves as an owner. This creates a more logical workflow for the user.

What's Improved

Self Service

  • DAS-20960 There is now the option to include users that are outside the project in Self Service App Ownership, these will then be onboarded as part of the self service process
    • If an Evergreen project is selected then the App Owner Scope list from the project is used
    • If a Legacy project is selected then admin user needs to set the App Owner Scope
  • DAS-21084 Scope column is now a link


  • DAS-17563 Users are able to change Hide From End Users under Application > Project Details
  • DAS-21407 The Project/Evergreen switcher is not clickable when the Object is not onboarded into any projects


  • DAS-21543 Filters for ID columns have been introduced to support all possible clickthroughs from pivots
  • DAS-21354 Self services information on List Details context panel
  • DAS-21799 Tooltips for column headers
  • DAS-21480 0 values in columns should be displayed as blanks
  • DAS-21117 Dates in pivots should default to being sorted from the earliest on the left to the latest on the right


  • DAS-21300 Widgets do not need to be refreshed following drag and drop to another section

What's Changed

Self Service

  • DAS-21771 Self Service Identifier renamed to Self Service Short Name


  • DAS-21525 Project admins can no longer perform bulk update, and must also have the bulk update role; existing project administrators have had the bulk updater role added
  • DAS-21622 Users: Mailbox Count (Owned) & (Access) have been moved to the Mailbox category
  • DAS-21574 Evergreen Capacity Units: filters now refer to the ID instead of the name
  • DAS-21575 Evergreen Buckets: filters now refer to the ID instead of the name
  • DAS-21569 Evergreen Rings: filters now refer to the ID instead of the name


  • DAS-20984 Automations: Only public lists are available to be chosen as the scope
  • DAS-21293 Projects: Only public lists are available to be chosen as the scope


  • DAS-21505 Warning for DSPRC Database Service Account names longer that 20 characters
  • DAS-21427 Move Dashworks default home page to Evergreen
  • DAS-21163 Support for Altiris 6 has been removed
  • DAS-21514 Hide 'Onboard mailbox users with permissions' on Senior Manage Project Details page for Evergreen projects
  • DAS-21781 Save and add another value button when creating a task has been removed

What's Been Fixed

Self Service

  • DAS-22030 Menu isn't shown if a user clicks on cog menu without saving changes for any component


  • DAS-21609 Automations are not respecting priority when run manually

Known Issues

Self Service

  • DAS- 22013 Intermittent issue with onboarding users into a project if there are already a very large number of objects in the onboarding queue


  • DAS-22452 Data imports page error is shown instead of the Product is not activated page error, when Dashworks is not licensed
  • DAS-22207 Windows auth users don't get Azman permissions until visiting the Legacy UI

Dashworks 5.5.2 Released 10 September 2020

Dashworks 5.5.1 Released 31 July 2020

Dashworks 5.5.0 Released 30 June 2020

Dashworks 5.4.9 Released 3 June 2020

Dashworks 5.4.8 Released 7 May 2020

Dashworks 5.4.7 Released 3 April 2020

Dashworks 5.4.6 Released 10 March 2020

Dashworks 5.4.5 Released 3 February 2020

Dashworks 5.4.4 Released 2 December 2019

Dashworks 5.4.3 Released 7 November 2019

Dashworks 5.4.2 Released 27 September 2019

Dashworks 5.4.1 Released 2 September 2019

Dashworks 5.4.0 Released 5 August 2019

Dashworks 5.3.7 Released 28 June 2019

Dashworks 5.3.6 Released 7 June 2019

Dashworks 5.3.5 Released 17 May 2019

Dashworks 5.3.4 Released 25 April 2019

Dashworks 5.3.3 Released 4 Mar 2019

Dashworks 5.3.2 Released 7 Feb 2019

Dashworks 5.3.1 Released 4 Dec 2018

Dashworks 5.3.0 Released 6 Nov 2018

Dashworks 5.2.9 Released 28 Sept 2018

Dashworks 5.2.8 Released 5 Sept 2018

Dashworks 5.2.7 Released 2 Aug 2018

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