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Void - Dashworks 5.4.7

Executive Summary

Application owner emails open up the channels of communications with your lines of business to verify information in your application catalog. These emails can be sent in the same way as emails to device or mailbox owners to give instructions or ask for feedback. The rich functionality of relative date task updates has the new addition of updates relative to other task values allowing you to keep interlinked information fresh. Bulk updates have also had some of the fields condensed to reduce the number of clicks necessary. Device and User Applications can now have relationships defined that include where apps are not in the current or target state, important when validating information and looking for gaps.

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Application Owner Emails

App owner emails

It is now possible to send emails to application owners within a project. This is scheduled through application date tasks and can be offset (+/-) the task date. Some examples of how these emails can be used:

  • Ask application owners to get in touch if they are no longer the owner
  • Give application owners information on how to test their application for new builds

Bulk Update and Automations: Relative to Another Task

Update taskrRelative to another task value

Date task values can be updated to the same value as another task, with or without an offset. This can be used to set date tasks for self service email reminders, based on a separate task for the original self service email. Another use case is to set the values of date tasks that are relative to the scheduled date of a deployment. Naturally the same functionality has been made available in Automations.

Negative Associations on Application Lists

All Device Apps

On Device Applications and User Applications, in addition to the existing project associations of Current and Target, there is now Not Current and Not Target. These will show you all the Users or Devices and Applications which are not associated. Not Current and Not Target are only available once you have selected a positive association such as Installed, you can then, for example, add in Not Target to get a list of all the application which are installed on a device but not planned to be in its target state following upgrade.


What's Improved

  • DAS-17972 User List: App count (owned) filter and column
  • DAS-19808 All User Applications: User Columns & Filters
  • DAS-18792 All User Applications: User Custom Field Columns & Filters
  • DAS-19810 All User Applications: Application Custom Field Columns and filters
  • DAS-20042 All device applications \ All User applications: "Project or Evergreen" should have search options
  • DAS-19850 User friendly error message if SQL server is not available.
  • DAS-19737 Evergreen Project Scope Changes \Details - show message in case private lists are used in scope of the project - API & UI
  • DAS-16360 Evergreen Details: Move Evergreen Bucket
  • DAS-19534 Application Details: Project Incoming Apps
  • DAS-17144 Evergreen Details: Move Project Ring
  • DAS-18566 Bulk Update & Automations: Project or Evergreen and Projects fields have been combined
  • DAS-19276 Bulk Update & Automations: Stage and Task fields have been combined
  • DAS-19656 Bulk Update & Automations: Before or After and Units fields have been combined
  • DAS-19274 Bulk Update & Automations: Relative task updates can now take 0 as a value for the offset

What's Changed

  • DAS-20152 Primary App column has been removed from the database
  • DAS-20131 Maximum of 5 AND association groups on the User Applications and Device Applications

Known Issues

  • DAS-20464 Dashboard Details and Permission icons disappear after page reload via browser
  • DAS-20651 Dashboard Print Layout is not correct
  • DAS-20365 Automations > Edit Action: Update button is disabled for a moment after clicking anywhere on the page
  • DAS-20678 500 error message is displayed when user tries to create a table widget with "Evergreen Ring" value in the "Split By" field and aggregate function of severity

Dashworks 5.4.8 Released 7 May 2020

Dashworks 5.4.7 Released 3 April 2020

Dashworks 5.4.6 Released 10 March 2020

Dashworks 5.4.5 Released 3 February 2020

Dashworks 5.4.4 Released 2 December 2019

Dashworks 5.4.3 Released 7 November 2019

Dashworks 5.4.2 Released 27 September 2019

Dashworks 5.4.1 Released 2 September 2019

Dashworks 5.4.0 Released 5 August 2019

Dashworks 5.3.7 Released 28 June 2019

Dashworks 5.3.6 Released 7 June 2019

Dashworks 5.3.5 Released 17 May 2019

Dashworks 5.3.4 Released 25 April 2019

Dashworks 5.3.3 Released 4 Mar 2019

Dashworks 5.3.2 Released 7 Feb 2019

Dashworks 5.3.1 Released 4 Dec 2018

Dashworks 5.3.0 Released 6 Nov 2018

Dashworks 5.2.9 Released 28 Sept 2018

Dashworks 5.2.8 Released 5 Sept 2018

Dashworks 5.2.7 Released 2 Aug 2018

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