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Welcome to the Dashworks Release Notes page. Here you will find information on our very latest version of Dashworks.

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Executive Summary

There are lots of new developments around tasks in this release: both in details and self service. As the tasks page for individual objects in Evergreen evolves, a new time picker has been introduced to edit date & time tasks. In self service, text tasks are the latest component to be added, as well as mandatory and read only configurations across all task types. Custom fields in Evergreen Admin have now been taken a step further with the ability to create and edit.


Evergreen Self-Service: Text Tasks

Text Tasks Dashworks 561

Text tasks are now available as a new component type in self service (DAS-25294). Text tasks can be used to present or solicit information from end users via self service, such as feedback about their deployment or ad hoc requests. Within the component there are options to make the text task mandatory or read only (DAS-25296).

Create Static Lists from CSV

Static list from csv Dashworks 561

If you have lists of devices outside Dashworks, these can now be imported by uploading a CSV file. The CSV only need to contain a single column of either hostnames or device keys, and these will be matched to devices in Dashworks. The result will be saved as a static list that can then be used for automations, project scope or bulk update. Not only can you create new lists but you can also add or remove devices from existing static lists using the same mechanism. The same functionality exists for Users, Devices, Mailboxes and Apps.

Ring Scoping Charts

Ring scoping charts Dashworks 561

There are now charts on the recently released Ring Scoping statistics page (DAS-25531). These help to visualise key metrics regarding the distribution of your devices across rings and your apps across criticalities

What's New

  • DAS-24811 Self Service: Date, select and text tasks can now be set to be read only
  • DAS-24936 Self Service: Bucket Tasks now supported
  • DAS-25790 Details: Allow apps be forward pathed to archived apps in Project/Evergreen
  • DAS-25387 Details: Show validation message for slots, when the slot was changed before the slot was saved
  • DAS-25876 Details: Show validation message for slots, when the slot capacity was exceeded before the slot was saved
  • DAS-26193 Details: Show error when enable capacity is changed from True to False before the slot was saved
  • DAS-26139 Details: Show date and time on for date and time Tasks and not for date only tasks
  • DAS-26598 Admin > Data Imports: Edit Stock Inventory import now shows “Go to Edit Data'“ link
  • DAS-25317 Admin > Custom Fields: Create custom fields
  • DAS-26288 Admin > Custom Fields: Edit custom fields
  • DAS-26457 Admin > Custom Fields: Duplicate custom fields
  • DAS-25637 Details: Edit time for date & time tasks with capacity

What's Been Fixed

  • DAS-26218 Self Service: Proper handling when date task is mandatory and the component doesn’t have any available dates in the range

Known Issues

  • DAS-22252 Owner might not to be onboarded if huge amount of object is in onboarding queue
  • DAS-26724 Archived devices are shown for onboarding, but the onboarding process is not valid


For more information about any of the items under notices please contact support@juriba.com

Dashworks 5.6.1

This release

  • End of support for all versions of Microsoft Internet Explorer

Dashworks 5.6.2

Dashworks 5.6.2 will be released in early May 2021

  • End of support for Microsoft SQL Server 2016 RTM & SP1

Dashworks 5.6.9

Dashworks 5.6.9 will be released in early Dec 2021

  • End of support for Microsoft SQL Server 2016

Dashworks 5.6.1 Released 6 April 2021

Dashworks 5.6 Released 2 March 2021

Dashworks 5.5.6 Released 4 February 2021

Dashworks 5.5.5 Released 4 December 2020

Dashworks 5.5.4 Released 30 October 2020

Dashworks 5.5.3 Released 8 October 2020

Dashworks 5.5.2 Released 10 September 2020

Dashworks 5.5.1 Released 31 July 2020

Dashworks 5.5.0 Released 30 June 2020

Dashworks 5.4.9 Released 3 June 2020

Dashworks 5.4.8 Released 7 May 2020

Dashworks 5.4.7 Released 3 April 2020

Dashworks 5.4.6 Released 10 March 2020

Dashworks 5.4.5 Released 3 February 2020

Dashworks 5.4.4 Released 2 December 2019

Dashworks 5.4.3 Released 7 November 2019

Dashworks 5.4.2 Released 27 September 2019

Dashworks 5.4.1 Released 2 September 2019

Dashworks 5.4.0 Released 5 August 2019

Dashworks 5.3.7 Released 28 June 2019

Dashworks 5.3.6 Released 7 June 2019

Dashworks 5.3.5 Released 17 May 2019

Dashworks 5.3.4 Released 25 April 2019

Dashworks 5.3.3 Released 4 Mar 2019

Dashworks 5.3.2 Released 7 Feb 2019

Dashworks 5.3.1 Released 4 Dec 2018

Dashworks 5.3.0 Released 6 Nov 2018

Dashworks 5.2.9 Released 28 Sept 2018

Dashworks 5.2.8 Released 5 Sept 2018

Dashworks 5.2.7 Released 2 Aug 2018


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