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Juriba's Dashworks Analysis+ Windows 10 Assessment Service is designed to be the first step on your Windows 10 migration journey. 

It will help you to identify the scope of your Windows 10 project by analyzing the compatibility of discovered hardware and software for upgrade to the new operating system. It will also provide you with actionable insights into your IT estate, e.g.,

  • Which machines can be refreshed (wipe & load), which can be in-place upgraded, and which need replacing. 
  • How many applications are compatible out of the box and which have a free or paid upgrade path.
  • Which of your applications are end-of-life and pose a security risk and which can be rationalized to potentially find opportunities for licensing savings
  • and much more.

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As a result, you will have positioned your organization to move forward into full project planning phase. Also, if you choose to use Juriba for your IT Transformation tool, your project is already set up and ready to go — which means you get numbers on the board much faster!

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